Tuesday, January 20, 2009

That was Then, This is Now

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These men from antiquity are obviously hamming it up for the camera with their clean, white, frilly aprons. My guess would be these "good old boy's" never flipped a pancake in their entire lives.

Originally uploaded by The Apron Queen

Now days, this apron dress code may be found at any college fraternity, tail gait party, or maybe summer camp. Now these men know how to cook! Serve me up some more please. Ha! Can the guy in the black apron be my chef?

men in aprons
Uploaded by This Isn't Safe... (jeffreyworthen)
on 7 May 05, 12.10PM PST

At this point I am really at a loss for words. Since it's 9:30 at night and I just finished unloading 30 bales of hay for my horses I must end this post here. And my husband is lurking somewhere around behind me.

You can say what you will, or what I can't think of in the comments. I am begging you...

8 Goddesses Have Spoken:

jewelstreet said...

I've got nothing. Nothing. lol. That guy in the black apron did me in. Yep. At a loss for words.

Suzi said...

I would be happy to take the guy in the black apron as my "Naked Chef".

Miss Mouthy said...

Thanks for the morning eye-candy! Thanks for your post!

Frankly, I'd take any of them if they'd actually cook! Does that make me an old married lady? Yes!

Kendra said...

Lord please forgive me my unpure thoughts. LOL....do we have to pick one or can we opt for the buffet?

Becca Watson said...

I opt for a buffet! Don't think i could pick just one.. Now just don't tell my husband ;)

Michelle said...

Oh my, Oh my. Those guys are just yummy. That is, the this is now guys. Be still my heart!! LOL!

Tinderdesigns said...

holy moly!! I agree...lets have the buffet.

Nicole said...

Oooo la la!