Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What was Then and This is Now.

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This is what you or I could have been wearing approximately 82 years ago.

Historical Note: This assemblage is the South Hetton Council Girls Canteen Staff; the date given to the photograph is 1926, so it is possible that the canteen staff were providing relief during the strike of that year. (This text accompanied the photo.)

The motivation for this picture was...Oh, I don't know. Maybe they wanted to show off their cheerful attitude while wearing their aprons. Or maybe the smile police had their mean sticks raised behind the back of the camera man. They likely had no choice as it was part of their job. I am so glad to be alive today.

But anyhow, things are better now with freedom of expression. I found these unique and stylized aprons while combing the Internet. Quite the opposite of the aprons from above:

The first apron that really struck me as unusual was this one. Lets call it "The Grateful Dead meets Guns and Roses." I think my ancestors would be turning over in their graves with the bold theme here. I find it entertaining and definitely a conversation starter.

Next there is this apron. I call it "Attack of the vegetable platter."
Now I am hungry. Where is the dip? I really need some dip.

Finally, no self respecting hunter could live without this ensemble:

If you are a man who hunts and cooks you want to blend in with your environment, so your wife does not know that you can actually fire up the barbecue and wield a spatula. Maybe this should be patterned like the Webber instead...

Cheers to the diverse array of aprons and the people who wear them!

7 Goddesses Have Spoken:

DiPaola Momma said...

It's kind of like an odd evolution of sorts.. the less than chipper looking ladies sporting their aprons with sour faces.. to us today.. sporting ours with sassy comments and skull patterns. I think they'd actually be proud of us for being so "liberated".. (fist in the air) Girls in Aprons Power!

Suzi said...

Oddly enough I considered The Grateful Dead meets Guns N Roses pattern when I decided to make an apron.

Grand Pooba said...

Never seen an apron with skulls! But, It's growing on me!

jewelstreet said...

I'm definitely glad I live in this day and age for better or worse. The vast array of aprons is fantastic. You could literally have one to fit your every mood or meal.

Suzi said...

I blogged you! ;-)

Wendy said...

I LOVE the style of the skulls apron... but maybe I could find it with a different fabric? LOL

siteseer said...

Love your aprons. The little flip skirt thingy adds a nice touch.