Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Grand Pooba Bakes Like A Goddess

To enter TAG's drawing for the Caroline apron by Practically Necessary CLICK HERE.

The tall, blond invincible Grand Pooba, is showing off her reversible pink apron in true Apron Goddess style. She is approaching super hero status wearing this apron with it's exquisite details. Since she has four aprons it was tough for her to choose which one to exhibit here!

I think her dog Dozer is checking her out from behind. What a dog...

Pooba said, "Okay, I had to send some close ups of this apron because it is my favorite! First of all it's pink and black, cute! Plus this is the only apron I have that is double sided so it is really high quality. My favorite thing about it, besides the colors and the patterns, it that the ties in the back are super long so you can tie a huge bow!"

Pooba also explained, "And this apron comes in handy when baking for the Holidays. These are all the goodies I made while wearing this lovely apron! Oh, and it's washable so it can survive my messy cooking!"

Now, why can't I be in her cookie exchange??

OH, and you can check our her always entertaining blog Grand Pooba HERE.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Apron Goddess is Fabulous in Floral

To enter TAG's drawing for the Caroline apron by Practically Necessary CLICK HERE.

Our first volunteer victim to display her apron goods is simply Suzi. She is wearing a lovely red flowered apron made by Jesse Steele. (I am trying to get them to sponsor TAG too!) Suzi has cheerfully paired the apron with a red shirt in the Christmas spirit.

Suzi is a busy mom with three kids (4 if you count her husband). Between driving carpool, doing endless laundry and keeping her kids from exterminating each other, Suzi has her hands full. She even gets up at 5 in the morning to make lunch for her husband. (Does he really deserve it??)

This action shot in the kitchen exhibits Suzi opening a bottle of apricot preserves to garnish a delightful cream cheese hoerderve for the holidays.

Suzi's cooking specialties include beer can chicken, enchilada bake and hootycreek cookies. Also she makes a mean beerrita. (And that's a margarita crossed with a Corona for those of you uneducated drinkers out there.)

Suzi has only just began her journey into the sport of blogging and her first post is at Savy Suzi.

Send me your picture in apron greatness! You will get an extra 10 entries into the current apron drawing. Just email me a few lines and your photo and I will post your story with a back post to your blog if you have one.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Our First Apron Give Away is "Practically Necessary"

If you are wondering why there is "The Apron Goddesses" go HERE for some background!

The important business for today is the announcement of our first Apron Goddess giveaway!

At Practically Necessary, owner Kerry, makes hand crafted aprons in small limited editions. I think Kerry's aprons are gorgeous and made with fabulously detailed construction. Some of her current designs include vintage styled prints. Additionally, she has a cool looking Halloween/Mexican Day of the Dead motif with skulls incorporated in a colorful pattern. She makes custom orders too. Both half and full aprons are available so please check out her Collection Here. The lovely apron up for our drawing this week and pictured below is called the "Caroline," and retails for $39.00.

If you want to be included for this Caroline apron drawing first visit PRACTICALLY NECESSARY and then leave a comment after this post.

For five extra entries into the drawing, mention the The Apron Goddesses and this giveaway in your next post.

You can receive ten bonus entries into the apron drawing by submitting your own Apron Goddess photo to be featured on a future post here.

The closing for this drawing is January 2. So be sure to leave a comment and you will be included for the Caroline apron pictured above!!!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Welcome to The Apron Goddesses

My First REAL Apron

Here I am, your hostess, in a leopard print apron that I received for Xmas. Surprisingly, I have not destroyed this piece of clothing yet. I guess this means I have not been working hard enough in the kitchen. I even had a chance to take my new food processor out for a test drive and emerged entirely unscathed! I hope I live up to my apron's adventurous nature in the future.

In contrast to my regular winter apparel this is a step up into femininity since the mud boots and Cardhart jacket I frequently wear make me resemble some kind of cattle rancher or pig farmer. I loose all my womanly shape donning the apparel of a stall cleaning muck maiden in the winter. That is the price I pay for having horses at home.

The Apron Goddess in me says that even though I can often look like a guy outdoors, but I can come inside and recover some of my softer side... Well maybe not too soft, but definitely more lady like with some sharp edges. And more importantly I can keep cleaner inside too.

Our first contest will be an apron giveaway from one of our beautiful and generous sponsors. On Monday the 29th of December come for a visit and check it out!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Why the Apron Goddesses?

So, there I was standing in front of the stove being splattered by bacon grease at Thanksgiving. My clean clothes were being infected with tiny spots of animal fat, the kind of stains that were not going to come out in the wash. Being the ever pragmatist, I grabbed a white sheet from the closet and tied it around my middle. Now I looked like a really drunken Grecian with a bad toga, but my clothes were going to stay clean.

What I really needed was an APRON!

Shucking aside my womens liberation attitude for just a second, I could see the sensibility of donning the antique and often disparaging wardrobe of a 1950's house wife. They weren't stupid you know. So I ordered an apron on line that day. I don't feel like I have given up in my plight for equality. I am just embracing what is sensible and now so pretty and fun. If you have not noticed lately, aprons are not what they used to be...


Just send me a one paragraph note describing your Apron Goddess attitude and a photo of you IN YOUR APRON and I will post one apron wearing woman a day. If you send in your picture you get to be the Apron Goddess for the day and have a link back to your blog (if you have one, but not required). As a modern woman I want to reclaim my right to be pretty, sensible, fun, clean and maybe even hot. (NO naked pictures please. This is a family site!!! Sorry Boys...) Regardless of your shape, size or age you are welcome and encouraged to show your goods here. All ladies are welcome to join in the fun.

APRON GODDESS CONTEST: Weekly random drawings for a new designer apron are to occur starting Mondays and closing Fridays. To be included in the drawing all you have to do is comment after the posts.

AND TO ALL YOU MEN OUT THERE: Your job is to buy lovely aprons for your ladies so they can feel good while cooking, and NOT like indentured servants!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Want to Be a Featured Apron Goddess?

If you would like to be The Apron Goddess for the day send me a photo in your favorite apron and a few lines about your TAG attitude. I will also accept photos of your immediate family members. I will do a mini bio about you and your blog linking to your site.

The Bonus:
If you send in your picture you get 10 extra entries into a giveaway of your choice at TAG.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Contact Information

Send messages to:

Monday, January 7, 2008

Would You Like to be a Sponsor?

I would be happy post your ad for two months on TAG in exchange for the donation of an apron for the giveaways! When your apron is a "giveaway" it will be a featured promotion. The apron giveaways run for a two weeks staring on Monday and ending on the second Tuesday (two weeks later). If you are interested please send me an email at theaprongoddesses@yahoo.com.

Additional Information:

I am always looking for great sponsors who would like to get the word out about their business and its products by sponsoring a giveaway of one or more of their items.

*Each giveaway will be featured in its own exclusive post.

*All of my giveaways will require my readers to visit your website and/or blog in order to participate.

*Shipping of giveaway prizes will be taken care of by your company. I will provide the winner's shipping information to you upon completion of the giveaway. I ask that the item(s) be shipped within 3 weeks after close of giveaway.

*Giveaways will be open to all US residents.

*Winners are chosen by random draw, unless otherwise specified.

*If you would like a featured review of the giveaway item, I would be happy to do so. Please refer to Review Policy for details.


Please contact me at theaprongoddesses@yahoo.com

I would be happy to share my stats and rankings upon request.

I look forward to working with you!