Friday, March 7, 2008

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MollieJ143 said...

I LOVE and I mean LOVE all your aprons. I'd be honored to just win anyone of them! I wish women/girls went back to wearing aprons, as they do show you have class. Besides I can remember my great grandmother, grandmother, mother, aunts and even dad, wearing an apron while cooking or Bar B Qing..It's not only practical but it's sexy too..You look like a person with class when your apron is the thing soiled, not your clothes. Molliej

Jane54 said...

I just love your site, I have been collecting aprons for a while, Now I have 37! but nothing really special, I have made some and I am proud of my Alice pinafore, I'll try and send you a picture,
luv JaneB

TZel said...

Sending a pic....

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Hi. Please enter me in this lovely giveaway; my favorite is the Katie. Also, I've sent you a picture of me in my autumn apron. Thanks.

Christina said...

Sending you a picture. Can you believe it!!!! JaneB has 37 aprons!!!!! I only have 4 yup (4)! hehehe

bitt of raw said...

sent you a pic!

bittofraw at gmail.com

Foodessa said...

I just stumbled upon your very lovely Apron dedicated blog.
I may be the goddess of something...(waiting to figure all that out)...but I know I am not the Apron goddess.
That is not to say I am not inspired by the beauty of such practical fashion.
A little while ago I was so inspired...I decided to write an article about it (no monetary attachment). If your interested...here is what got me going on your dedicated topic:
Hope you enjoy and don't forget to let me know what you think ;o)
Flavourful wishes, Claudia

Miss Dollie DeVille said...

Yay! I love your giveaway!

I love all of her aprons, but I have to pick the Dolly Apron, Dolly get your gun, because I am a Dolly! yay! I love that one! Its different than anything I have!

I posted a comment (1 entry), posted about it on my blog at missdolliedeville.blogspot.com (5 entries), I am a blog follower (1 entry), and I emailed you a pic of me in my fav apron (10 entries)! yay! That means I get......wait for it.....still counting.....17 entries? Thats my lucky number! Its a sign! I should win! :)

Love your blog.

Dollie D.