Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mommy Julia and Baby Ella as Apron Goddesses

Enter the GIVEAWAY for Mom/Daughter aprons from Twinklebelle here.

A few months ago I bought these aprons from Twinklebelle since we had to have a matching mom and daughter set. I love the fun floral pattern and the sturdy fabric. These aprons are made with a strong soft cotton, like the kind used for high quality cloth grocery bags. I think they feel great, look good and are durable too!

I took out the tripod to snap some pictures of Ella and I. That is a feat in itself... Taking just my picture is hard, but getting Ella to look at the camera before the timer goes off is an act of trickery. I needed some special magic, but the fairy dust blew away...

Ella wanted to start goofing off and not playing along with my photo shoot and sat down to protest. Then it was all about silly faces...

Princess can you please just cooperate???

That's much better! Now why can't you do that when we are standing together? I think she is channeling her Terrible Two's Apron Goddess...

Finally, we get back into team photo mode, but it's all about the fruit. "Can you please slice me some orange, Mommy?" At that point I gave up since there is only so much you can do with a 2 year old...Right?

I am lucky to have the shots that I got!

So now do you want to enter the contest for Twinklebelle's Mom and Daughter Apron? Their aprons are darn cute and practical. Just click here to sign up for the giveaway of the pink floral half aprons. Really, it won't hurt!

Adorable Apron Goddesses Kebi and Tarra

Enter the GIVEAWAY for Mom/Daughter aprons from Twinklebelle here.

This pair of "Miss Apron Goddesses" are showing off their cupcake patterned aprons made by Lana at the Sassy Apron Shop! I must exclaim that Kebi, on the right and lil' sister Tarra on the left, are looking sassy and oh so cute in their aprons! Great photo ladies!

Kebi says, "My family has always loved to get together in the kitchen and cook. My sis, my Mom, and I do a pretty good job whipping up a mean batch of chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes. We really enjoy entertaining and usually invite a group over for a big get-together at least once a month.

My favorite thing to cook in the kitchen is desserts. I love all things chocolate or sweet. Here's is my most requested recipe to share with all the other Apron Goddesses, my Pecan Pie. I have many requests for these homemade beauties and many a fan has said it's the best pecan pie they've ever eaten! I hope everyone enjoys it."

Kebi's Pecan Pie
1 9" deep dish pie crust, unbaked
1 stick butter
1 cup granulated sugar
3/4 cup Karo white corn syrup
3 eggs
1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
pinch of salt
1 cup pecans, chopped or whole

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F and place pie crust in baking pan. Prick the crust with a fork to prevent it from bubbling up.
2. Beat the eggs, vanilla and salt in a large bowl. Set aside.
3. In a medium saucepan, place butter, sugar, and corn syrup. Over medium-high heat cook butter mixture until boiling, stirring constantly. Once it reaches a rolling boil, remove from heat.
Gradually stir the butter mixture into the eggs but be sure to add it very slowly so you don't scramble the eggs.
4. Once both mixtures are combined, stir in the pecans and pour into the pie shell.
5. Cover the crust edges with strips of aluminum foil and bake for 30 minutes. Remove the foil strips and bake an additional 10 minutes or until the filling no longer jiggles when you slightly shake the pie.
6. Remove from oven and allow to cool before devouring!

Seeing as she is going to enter in the Tulsa State Fair with this recipe, I think she is extremely generous to share it with us! I'm betting she gets the BLUE with it too.

You can visit Kebi at Hanging by a Thread, where you can see how much this young lady has her life organized and totally together even though she thinks she is dangling precariously! Thanks for showing off your apron photo Kebi!!! You have definitely earned your Apron Goddess designation.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Mom and Daughter Apron Giveaway from Twinklebelle

First, I want to wish everybody a bright and beautiful Monday!

This week's generous sponsor is Twinklebelle, maker of full and half apron that come in vibrant florals and fun patterns! Twinklebelle has sponsored the giveaway of this pink floral mom and daughter apron set. It's mostly adorable with a dash of sassy since there is a ruffle at the bottom.

Twinklebelle's founder, Florence Luo says, "A fancy apron can spice up the kitchen. We made these ones in early spring, for Mother's Day. They are great over dresses or a pair of jeans and are great to wear all year long.

We made the waist ties very long, so you can tie a pretty bow in the back or tie a knot in the front. One elegant pocket is on the side.

At Twinklebelle you can find many different patterned women's aprons styled in a simple full cut with adjustable rectangular rings for the neck and a tie at the back.

Additionally, there are numerous kids aprons from which to choose. In the selection you will find BOYS aprons with patterns suitable for your rough and tumble little man.

I bought a mom and daughter set, so I will show it off at some point this week! That means there will be a photo of me and Ella forthcoming in our own Twinklebelle aprons. Now I have to set up the tripod!

Twinklebelle even offers adorable art smocks if you need to have full coverage for your Jr. Picasso. Additionally, there is a great selection of other baby and kids necessities such as mommy purses, grow-with-me sun hats, and peekaboo covers, to name a few.

So to enter the GIVEAWAY of the pink floral Mom and Daughter apron set browse Twinklebelle's apron offerings and come back to make a comment on your favorite.

For five additional entries into the drawing, post about this giveaway on your blog and put the permalink to your site in your comment too.

And as always, if you want 10 bonus super entries (maybe I am getting a little carried away here...) into the giveaway drawing, send in a photo of you or a family member in an apron. Include a mini apron story, what you like to cook, or some other tidbit about your photo in your email to me.

Contest deadline is March 7th midnight and open to U.S. residents. Winner will be announced Wednesday the 8th.

That's all Folks!!!! Good luck and have a great week!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gardening Apron Tutorial and Status Update

No drawing results today on TAG, the deadlines are out there still. But I saw this cool and simple looking tutorial on making a gardening apron. I think I am finally going to have to try this myself! It is posted at Not Dabbling in Normal. Maybe you want to try to make one too?

I always put down my snippers when I garden and then can't find them again, so if I make one of these I could at least put my snips inside a pocket. If I put the apron down somewhere, then I will be able to see it again and not loose another pair of snips!

Oh, and the horse is standing on her leg again, but is still very gimpy...(Yesterday's post). If you want to see more about Gemma and her bad foot click here. And if you asked Wyatt about his head he would just say, "What?" Now tell me, did at least one of you laugh at Ella's declaration of discomfort? It was all I could do not to laugh hysterically while swabbing up Wyatt's head.

Have a great Sunday. Come by Monday for a GIVEAWAY of a Mother/Daughter apron set. Tis very, very cute!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sadly Saturday

To begin with, it's Friday night and I've got nothing aprony.

After two days consisting of blood and puss and tears, I have a raging headache.

I think I will wrap a couple aprons around my head and tie a tourniquet to contain the pressure.

In brief, my son Wyatt split a tidy little gash in his head last night creating a Niagara falls-like gusher which streamed blood all down his neck and shirt.

My son is capable of deafening dolphins and dogs and I needed OSHA approved hearing protection while I doctored him. And since I was swabbing up Wyatt's blood Ella, my two year old, felt it necessary to scream about her alleged issues....

Not to be outdone, since she was deprived of attention, she had to start crying, "Sum tings biting my gyna!" Translation: Something is biting my vagina. What the??? That's an attention grabber now isn't it. By the way, everything was just fine down there. After a trip to the dock in the box and thankfully no stitches in Wyatt's head, it turned into a long evening...

Then today after 7 days of having a 3 legged horse, I finally called the vet out to work on what I knew must be an abscess in her foot. A hoof abscess is one of the MOST painful things for a horse. They literally can not stand on the bad foot and they shuffle the other three around trying to maneuver as to not touch their bad foot to the ground.... I had poulticed and duct taped and doctored accordingly, but to no avail and was beginning to think she had a broken bone in her foot. (And yes, duct tape is a staple supply in any equestrian medical kit...no, seriously.)

The vet arrives late Friday afternoon, examines, then take X-RAYS. (This is where you are supposed to be saying cha-ching as my money starts floating around in the breeze.) There were thankfully no fractures on the film but what looked like three abbesses. So there I was standing over the vet, trying not to hover annoyingly, watching him carve into the my horse's foot in search of a puss pocket. After 10 minutes of nothing, I was beginning to loose hope, BUT then I saw a black slimy patch in the hole that Dr.Vet was carving in the sole of my horses hoof. I knew we were only moments away from more filth and pestilence. And pow. Then the rest of the "problem" dumped out of the 1/4 inch hole in the mares foot. Phew.... She will feel much better Saturday, or today since I am writing this on Friday night. Yes, there is a bit of the twilight zone going on around here.

So I have no happy apron stories or joyful product review or nifty gadgets to gab about. I gotta go to sleep. ;(

Friday, March 27, 2009

Eco Store-I've Got Some Product Reviews for YOU!! & a $25 Gift Certificate TOO...

Strap your aprons on TAG ladies because I have a product review for you. AND you can sign up to win a 25 dollar gift certificate redeemable at the Eco Store below...

Have you seen the brand "Eco Store?" It is an eco friendly company based in New Zealand that makes plant-based household cleaning and body products that are as effective as the leading supermarket brands. I say, they are a clean and green company worthy of your business!

I received a few products for "clinical trials" in my home, under real conditions, with real a real family. The three items I have the pleasure to show you are Laundry Liquid, Baby Moisturizer, and Goat's Milk Baby Soap.

When the box arrived, it was just in time. No kidding...My husband's laundry was sitting in front of the washing machine just waiting to be scoured, scrubbed and freshened. And my husbands jeans are disgusting. Since we own a trucking company, he can not avoid getting indescribable petroleum filth on his pants from time to time.

So with no further adieu, I put a load of the jeans in the laundry tub, put the prescribed amount of fluid in the washer and pressed START! My first reaction was, "Wow, nice smell," since a fresh clean eucalyptus scent was filling the laundry room immediately. After removing the load of jeans I observed they were clean and the scent of the laundry liquid was able to mostly cover the smell of the oils. I have a nose like a blood hound and could still faintly detect the offensive odors that have stained his pants. I.E. that means this product works, really works!

For my normal family laundry loads it left a clean fresh smell, no more, no less! I am not partial to the scents of most detergents and purchase unscented washing liquid; but, the scent of the Laundry Liquid is lovely and does not make my nose cringe. After drying, the family clothes did not emit any scent, so I would almost call this product scent free. OH! and yes every thing was clean, clean, and more clean!

On to the baby soap and baby moisturizer...

Both of my kids have mild eczema so I was really interested to see how their skin reacted to the baby soap. Occasionally, they get reactions if using commercially popular soaps. SO, after a week of use there was no scratching or other skin irritations with which we seem to be plagued. So this soap definitely passes the test for sensitive skin in my house. And once again this product has a lovely scent!

The last product which we sampled was the baby moisturizer. Good results were apparent on my kids feet. They are barefoot monsters, really little cave people, and I can hardly keep shoes on their feet for more than a few hours at any one time... Therefore they have already developed calluses and have dry feet. My two year old, Ella, was my first victim. I smoothed on the lotion and it immediately softened all the dry spots. Wyatt, a size 13 wearing four year old, has deeply embedded dirt stains in his heals, so immediate effects of the lotion were not realized until the fourth and fifth day. The Baby Moisturizer leaves a slightly oily feel on your skin, BUT quickly absorbs. I love how it feeds my hands and rough elbows.

So all three of these products are excellent and are made with quality ingredients. And the fact they contain "no nasty chemicals" makes me want to use them all the time. So if you want to buy these products or browse for others go to Eco Store right now.

A final note: If you want to win a 25 dollar gift certificate to the Eco Store jump over to their site and come back and make a comment on what product(s) you would like to buy if you win! Entries close April 10th, 2009. Winner determined by random number drawing.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jr. Apron God-Call Him a Cooking Elf!

Enter the GIVEAWAY for books from EllynAnne Geisel here.

It's Christmas in March today and here's a charming photo of "Monsoon," son of RyanAshelyScott (RAS) at Optimistic Cynicism. He makes an adorable elf in his flour adorned apron and hat, thus qualifying for the title of Jr. Apron God!

RAS says, "This is my son, making gingerbread men - they didn't taste nearly as good as they smelled... not sure what went wrong. Even so, our favorite things to make are cookies. Any cookies. We loooove to bake cookies and we still wear our holiday aprons (I have one to match!) because they are the only ones we have. I keep meaning to try my hand at making them, but time keeps running away from me."

With a tag line of "Is the glass really half one-way-or-the-other? I think it depends on what you're drinking," RAS gives her readers little sips of her life.

Just recently her son was caught sniffing a lady at the bookstore, which brought tears of laughter to my eye.
Also, you can read how RAS does NOT enjoy staycations, and how she does NOT like running in a 5 K race, and that she did NOT like being called a rock star!

Since she has only been blogging since December 2008 and has a full glass of followers, you can go and check out how she deserves the title of Apron Goddess in her own right at Optimistic Cynicism. And by the way, I really think RAS thinks the glass is half full...but that's just my opinion.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wanna Visist an Apron Show

For anyone in the Grand Rapids, Michagan area there is an apron display you can go visit containing over 200 aprons.

It's on Thursday, March 26th, check out details HERE.

How To Keep Your Husband...

Enter the giveaway for books from EllynAnne Geisel here.

Hmmmmm....Some how I don't think so.

You can find this little gem at:

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ann On And On is An Apron Goddess

Enter the giveaway for books from EllynAnne Geisel here.

This Apron Goddess is Ann from Ann On And On, where she sneaks pictures of unsuspecting patrons of local bakeries who dare to look "French," but as she explains it's in "a good way." And she tries new sports like bowling (totally un-French), and finds herself sadly in the double digits. Wa wa... And on other days Ann spends her time teaching English in ESL classes for French speakers. And to top it off she has a bovine friend who just welcomed a new baby into the world.

Basically, Ann gives her readers a rather broad spectrum of photodocumentation and narration to ingest on a regular basis. Thus, she has a very good set of followers.

One more feather in the cap of this multi-talented woman is her "card swap" concept where she organizes a group of people who like sending cards to each other for fun. She even has stickers for sale on Etsy that say "Good Mail" to include on the back of the cards she sends! You too can participate in the card swapping here!

In summary, Ann does it all!!! I don't know what says Apron Goddess better than bowling and cows and cards! Thanks for being the Apron Goddess for the day Ann.

Now TAG Ladies, go and check her out!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Giveaway of Two Books from The Supreme Apron Goddess Herself: EllynAnne Geisel

It's Monday morning and time for the next fabulous giveaway at TAG. This week I can offer you ladies (and gentlemen-Ron and HC) your own personal copy of The Kitchen Linens Book or The Apron Book, both penned by EllynAnne Geisel, the ultimate Apron Goddess. Each book is packed full of wonderful pictures and accompanying stories. With receipes, patterns and words of apron wisdom you will be happy looking through either book!

EllynAnne had not wore an apron until 1999 when she was writing an article about a vintage apron. But after her awakening to the history of "the apron" she became THE Apron Goddess though her research about them and by collecting vintage aprons. EllynAnne has over 400 aprons in her collection!!

The Apron Book is wonderful to look at with it's many color photographs of aprons. It features new and vintage apron styles so you can catch up on your American apron history. Also, included in this book are stories and pictures from other "Apron Goddesses. I wrote up a full report on this book HERE.

The Kitchen Linens book gives us an up-close look at tablecloths, dishtowels, and napkins with details and histories as fine as the stories themselves. Embroidered or hemstitched, linens or oilcloths–these are the fabrics and the memories of our mothers and grandmothers. And each one has an endearing story and a vivid history.

This giveaway closes Saturday, April 11th at midnight and TWO winners will be drawn, one for each book.

To enter the giveaway for one of these books visit EllynAnne's blog site Apron Memories and say hi to her OR visit The Apron Memories web site OR take a look at the aprons EllynAnne has for sale. Simply visit her links and come back and make a comment about whatever you like from the world of EllynAnne! Also, please indicate your preference for either book. The first drawn winner gets the book on which they comment.

For five extra entries into the drawing blog about this giveaway on your site.

For ten additional entries in the book drawing, send me a photo of you or a family member wearing your apron and a few words about your apron attitude. I will use it for a write up in future weeks about you and your blog!

Good Luck!

If you can't wait to win these books check them out for sale here: The Apron Book or The Kitchen Linens Book.

Winner of the Apron from Bella Morgan Boutique

Good Sunday Morning to all TAG visitors. I wish you well on this lovely day. We had rain last night and are supposed to be wet all day so I will have my hands full with two kids who like to run through puddles and cry that they are wet...

Now you really want to know one thing...

Who won this?

After running the magical number generator, Janah at So Not Mom-a-licious is the winner. It seems her lucky number finally came up and she will be apron adorned after all. And she was just lamenting on how her odds were so bad. But low and behold, luck was Mom-a-licious this morning!

Congratulations Janah!

Thank you Bella Morgan Boutique for your participation in this great giveaway!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Some You Tube Anyone?

Enter the giveaway from Bella Morgan Boutique HERE!

Here is another contribution from Cynthia at The Cupcake Provocateur.
Take it away Cynthia!!

Hello everyone it is nice to be back visiting The Apron Goddesses blog spot!

So, today I would like to share with everyone a new web based cooking show called Kasey's Kitchen to which I have been recently introduced.

Kasey's Kitchen is a sassy web-show hosted by Kasey Grenon. She'll show you how to make fabulous dishes from basic ingredients that transforms into extraordinary flavor! Kasey has combined her love of cooking, journalism and spontaneity to teach us some simple tricks that will turn any meal into a masterpiece:

Mac & Cheese - Part One

Mac & Cheese - Part Two

To learn more about Kasey and her kitchen please visit: www.kaseyskitchen.com

Have A Sweet Day!

Cynthia Lagudi

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ultimate Blog Party 2009

I want to say "Welcome to The Apron Goddesses" to all those bloggers coming from the Ultimate Blog Party hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom. Please feel free to look around and see what is happening on TAG!

Ultimate Blog Party 2009

I would like to win prize number 58 the Kitchen Aid Artesian Food Mixer. My wrists ache from mixing doughs sometimes...

On TAG there are weekly giveaways from our wonderful sponsors. Giveaways usually consist of aprons but on occasion there are fabulous books about aprons up for grabs, like this week. TAG also features posts about apron goddesses from our blogging community celebrating their individuality. If you want to be a featured "Apron Goddess" send in your picture in an apron and you will also get extra credit in the giveaway of your choice. Throw in the occasional product review, recipe, or gadget recommendation and that rounds out the fair her on TAG.

On Monday sign ups begin for a pair of books from EllynAnne Geisel, the ultimate Apron Goddess. I will be offering The Apron Book and The Kitchen Linens Book, one winner for each book.

UBP visitors sign up for the book giveaway HERE!

Thank you for visiting The Apron Goddesses. I will come by your blog site for a visit soon too!

Little Wifey is an Apron Goddess

Enter the giveaway from Bella Moran Boutique here!

Little Wifey at The Halton Mom (THM) was winner of the pink damask apron back a few months ago and is showing her lovely apron that she received from Gift an Apron. THM is an Apron Goddess who runs a share site for giveaways, freebies, menu plans, recipes and more!

This week she shows us a post for a site I never heard of before called Organizing Junkie. I am going to hop over and brows there this week since I can always use better ways to keep on track...

Here is a sample that THM came up with for dinner organization:

Rhondas Chicken Spaghetti & Garlic Bread
Chicken and Dumplings Doubled (I'm making enough to take to my family in WV.)
Chili Dogs & Fries (I'm saving time with frozen chili I made earlier.)
Parmesan Chicken Sandwiches, Pickles & Fries

So, I am pretty sure THM is cooking in her apron that she won here at TAG and loving every minute of it! The only thing I was wondering is where is the "media" device?... But, I guess I usually just play my radio in the house while my phone rings out in the car, so I can't exactly be one to criticize her lack of technological accessories!!

Thank you Halton Mom for showing your apron off in Apron Goddess style. And maybe TAG readers could hop over to say HI while bopping around the Internet today!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Photo Credit to Media Break

Oh Yeah!...make sure to sign up for the giveaway from
"The Bella Morgan Boutique" here!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kitty Cat Apron From the Ungourmet

Enter the giveaway from Bella Morgan Boutique here.

Today I present to you TAG ladies Dasigirl at The Un-gourmet! She fully qualifies as an Apron Goddess with her Kitty Apron shown here. Goddesses of all kinds adore cats!

Dasigirl told me. "Here is a picture of me in my Kitty Apron. I love to wear it any chance I get! I wear it for making dinner, doing dishes, cleaning, etc. It adds a little fun to the chores that need to be tackled. I just love these cats!"

In addition, I snooped around her blog and saw that she said, "I like to wear my apron when I make Yummy Treats like my not-so-famous-but-oh-so-delicious Butterscotch Blondie Bites. I do like to find recipes in books or on line and tweak them a little to suit my fancy."

On this recipe, Dasigirl substitutes butterscotch chips for white chocolate chips to come up with a blondie receipe! Nice adaptation if I do say so myself... Oh Dasigirl, how about packaging up a dozen and sending them express mail to me???

In addition to some fun recipes, you will also find some crazy ramblings and totally irrelevant information (Those are her words not mine...he hee....) Also, it appears that Dasigirl is fond of words...specifically "Adjectives." Apparently, they are her secret addiction. And I say...there just aren't enough descriptive lables in the universe now are there? I am rather fond of fabulous, lovely, and adorable myself.

And on that note, there are more yummy food and brain tidbits at her blog site! So go take a peek and see Dasigirl at The Un-gourmet.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cupcake Apron Giveaway From Bella Morgan Boutique!!!

Gooooood Monday to all the Apron Goddesses out there!

I am so very pleased to be able to offer you a giveaway of this adorable cupcake patterned apron from The Bella Morgan Boutique!

There are six patterns to choose from at Bella Morgan Boutique and they all are constructed with a flattering black waste band and matching ruffle at the bottom. These aprons are girly, cute and stylish, but are yet practical. You could definitely heat up your kitchen in these sassy designs. Add a little spice to your cooking with the addition of one of these aprons to your collection!

The aprons from Bella Morgan Boutique are made from high quality fabrics and come in an Adult/One Size. You can also wrap the ties around to the front and tie in a cute bow if you want one for a child!

In addition, there are burp cloths, boutique bibs, nursing covers, pillowcase dresses and many, many hair clips for sale at the boutique! These are just as cute as a button.

And finally I don't want to forget to mention you can find amazing mini-tutus at the boutique which are so dainty and delicate! They each can be custom designed to fit your child. Maybe one of these would be a lovely present for a special little girl you know on Easter?

So, to enter the giveaway for CUPCAKE apron, jump over to The Bella Morgan Boutique and stroll through the store. Then come back making a comment here about your favorite item!

For five extra entries into the giveaway drawing you can post about this giveaway at your blog.

Finally, for the big payoff...send in a photo of you or a loved one in an apron and a brief note about what you like to cook or why you like your apron. Upon receipt of your picture you will have credit for an extra ten entries into the giveaway drawing!

Giveaway closes March 21, 2009, midnight.

And the Winner of the Apron from Apron Frenzy is......

Deep breath. This is necessary for me in between my kid's bickering this morning....

The kitchen utensil drawer has become ground zero for the battle over the potato peeler and the pie crust mixer tool and various spatulas and cupcake paper liners.

Woe is me.

Through the silences I have counted and tabulated and run the numbers and used the number generator and scientifically come up with a winner for the beautiful apron by Apron Frenzy. Thank you Vickie for donating this wonderful apron.

The winner by random number is Mrs. B at Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom.

I know she will wear it while welcoming spring and throughout the year!

Now all of you ladies who did not win....Don't you need to make another visit to Apron Frenzy and adopt an apron and provide it a new home? If you do purchase an apron I will still give you extra credit (5 extra entries) in an upcoming drawing of your choice. If you make a purchase come back and send me an email. Now HOP on over, you know you want to!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

WTF is that? It is This!

Don't forget to today is the last day to enter the giveaway for Apron Frenzy here!!


We can't believe some company
manufactured this insane kitchen product.
(but we're thrilled that they did)


It takes a hot dog and makes
it look like an octopus.

Aren't they cute?

Courtesy of Stupid.com

Congratulations to Mrs. B at Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom and Simply Anon Mom. Extra entries duly noted. :)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Free For All-WTF is this?

Enter the giveaway from Apron Frenzy here.

This, my fellow TAG ladies and gentleman, is a kitchen appliance.

Your mission if you choose to accept it, is to tell me what it is designed to do.

The first two commenter's with the correct answer get an extra 3 entries into the next apron giveaway. (That would be next Monday...) So keep it clean and start guessing!!

Also, please no cheating.... I know some of you know how. Just don't do it! Pleeeeasse!

And..................Good luck!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mountain Man is an Apron God

Today we have a special treat. It is another man wearing an apron. And this is no ordinary man...he is a true Mountain Man claimed by Red Pine Mountain Woman in the back country of Vermont.

Not only does Mountain Man drive a tractor with ease....

He built a horse barn for Red....

AND he wields a gigantic 3 foot long chain saw like it's a child's toy! (The mammoth dog is taking lessons.)


He also cooks incredible meals on his own recognizance. He actually finds it a pleasure to prepare food for his Mountain Woman and makes elaborate menus for her to enjoy!

And he even wears an apron.

Who said real men can't wear aprons.

Our model is wearing a beautiful apron made by our current giveaway sponsor Apron Frenzy! You can win a lovely floral half apron made by Apron Frenzy by clicking here. Please visit Apron Frenzy and support hand made and cottage industries in the USA.

Finally, I want to note that Mountain Man is a seriously good sport in all this apron fun! Is he not a total gamer ladies???

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Psychic Suzi Seamstress: The Apron Goddess

Enter the giveaway from Apron Frenzy here.
Thank you to all the SITS ladies who came by for a visit!! There were so many giveaways it made my head spin.

One of our frequently appearing Apron Goddesses, Suzi, is showing off her first apron creation today. I am sincerely flattered that she attributes making it to the inspiration from my creation of this blog. Moi, with influence? Really, I never so much as mentioned sewing to Suzi. But the truth be told, Suzi lives next door and gets a sneak peek into much of the happenings at TAG. Therefore, I can twist her arm and get her to provide photos for my blog at my whim, but I never suggested she begin sewing aprons.

Suzi went for a trip to the local fabric store to find some material to make her first apron and came back with the little black dresses on the red background as you see here. She went to work busily constructing the panels first from paper, cutting the fabric, and finishing details that are still a mystery to me. The extent of my experience with a sewing machine is a simple hem, nothing requiring the level of preparation that Suzi did here.

So after her apron was all finished Suzi was browsing through apron vendors on the internet for fun and encountered the exact fabric sewn in the exact pattern from The Cupcake Provocateur! It was like Suzi and Cynthia were on some psychic wavelength channeling aprons through the Sci-Fi network. Seriously, this was not a conspiracy. I guess stranger coincidences could happen, but this was pretty random.

Here is the apron from Cynthia, so if you like it you can get your own without having to sew it yourself!!

You can also get some of these while you visit! Can you say Mint Chocolate Chip Cupcakes??? I can say only one thing...YUM! I bet it's totally obvious I'm writing this post late at night and starving for something totally naughty! Resistance is futile.....

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Welcome Spring Fling - That Was Then, This is Now IV

Welcome SITS ladies! Today we celebrate the official "Spring Fling" for The Secret in the Sauce, so please click here to enter the Floral Apron giveaway from Apron Frenzy.

As I was strolling around the web looking at the changes that have occurred in the past 60+ years I pondered this photograph with it's perfectly coiffed women and their darling white aprons. Regretfully, if I had to do my hair like this daily, I would have a rat's nest up there. Not being the fashion plate for the latest trends, there are days when I am not sure how I came to create this blog. But then I digress, once again...

How'd they do that little flippy thing with their bangs? And what holds it in place. Then I wonder how did they keep those aprons so clean. Obviously, these were for show, right? For the record, I'd be the tallest one in the back with my hair just barely making the grade and hiding my coffee stained apron.

I am probably better transplanted into this photograph where women are running from the kitchen or their husbands or both. I think this is a race to see who can deliver their food in the pan the quickest. I hope the winner gets to eat first and maybe the looser should wash the dishes. I can run pretty fast so I'd take my chances in this picture, skillet and all.

Side note: I would bet a bezillion dollars that none of the ladies in the classic picture would ever be caught dead running like this with a frying pan unless being chased by an ax murderer.

Photo courtesy of englishwall.blogspot.com

Finally, here and now, these hip 20-somethings, wearing their skinny leg and boot cut jeans paired with the colorful-cool striped aprons, represents a real modern take on groups of women in aprons. They must be tossing the matching potholders in the air in celebration of the freedom that fashion and aprons now represent. Right? Tell me I am right on this one... or are they just posers shirking their responsibilities? I am thinking these modern gals are total gamers and could be placed in either of the above photos.

Photo Credit Demon Nike

Regardless, I hope this pictorial left you amused or at least entertained for few moments in your day. And as always, wear your apron. (At least at some point in the day!)