Saturday, March 7, 2009

History of the Poodle Skirt a Guest Blog

Good Morning Apron Goddesses!
Happy Saturday to you!

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I have the honor of introducing a special guest blogger today. Cynthia, owner of The Cupcake Provocateur, has provided this lil' report for us to enjoy on the history of the Poodle Skirt. We might see some more from her in the future seeing as she is an expert in retro fashions and vintage aprons. On that note, I'm going to let her take it away...

Ever wonder what what the poodle skirt represents? Rock & Roll Baby!!!!!!! Rumor has it Poodle skirts were invented to emphasize the popular dance moves of the day. What better outfit to wear while doing the Lindy hop and Jitter Bug but a poodle skirt?

Poodle skirts were perfect for dancing at the local sock hops while listening to your favorite Elvis songs twirling around till the sun came up or at least till curfew!

If you were a teeny bopper in the 1950’s you probably wore a poodle skirt with your favorite emblem on it....perhaps a record with music notes, saddle shoes or the ever popular poodle and leash!

Why is the poodle the most popular emblem you ask?......I heard through the grape vine that the poodle and leash meant you were going steady with a specialfella and the leash meant you were tied down so to speak. If you sported one without a leash meant you were playing the field? Interesting huh!

Poodle skirts were and still are a representation of expression! When you walked out of your house with your hair in a high pony tail, saddle shoes on your feet, and blowing bubbles with your favorite bubble gum, you were showing everyone your personal style!

That is why I am happy be a part of The Apron Goddesses giveaway next month! One lucky winner will receive their very own Cupcake Provocateur Poodle Skirt Apron! Show your Kitch’n style with this cute little number!

Welcome Cynthia! We are glad to have you!

7 Goddesses Have Spoken:

Cloudberry Creations said...

I want one!

Suzi said...

That has to be one of the cutest aprons ever!

Becca Watson said...

How cute! I want one!!!

daisigirl said...

That is really cute! Thanks for the history lesson! :)

Terri said...

That is so cute! You find the cutest things!

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poodle skirt said...

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