Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Apron Goddess and Seamstress Terri

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Apron Goddess Terri from Clay Hill Farm and her Jr. Apron Goddess niece Ashley, are exhibiting their hand made aprons! Terri was also winer of the Vintage Apron Pattern Book, by June Bartos last week. Now she can really get to sewing some antique styled aprons in modern fabrics.

Terri wrote on her blog about her day before she knew she won the pattern book, "So I was beat. I came home and changed into PJ's and went to bed. The Princess (niece) wanted to come visit and normally I am always up for Princess time, but last night I just couldn't manage one more thing, so I asked her dad to tell her that we needed to postpone it. She is a sweet and sensible Princess, though, so I am sure she understands.

Then I talked to Hannah's mom, who knew I'd been stuck in the hospital all day. She told me I needed to take a look at The Apron Goddesses, and I knew immediately what that meant! And I've nattered on for a page and a half just to explain the lift that news gave me - to be so exhausted and feel so beat and then to get good news. I can't even describe how it felt, but I'll bet you can picture it!

I am so excited about winning it! I'll get the book, and I'll review it here, and I'll make a couple of aprons, and if one of them turns out well perhaps I'll have a vintage apron giveaway! Won't that be fun?"

But to get back to her current aprons! Next, Terri revealed, "The half-apron is adapted from a tutorial at Diamonds, Fur and Laundry.

I am so loving the green background and the brown polka dots on this apron. Also the tie at the waist in front is a pretty detail!

Terri indicated, "The Princess is wearing a half-apron based on the above tutorial (just cut in, well, half!) and the rest of her ensemble consists of a bag made from a tutorial at Lazy Girl Designs."

I think this jungle theme is way cute! And the matching ensemble is adorable! I'm thinking she's a lucky girl to have such a fun aunt.

Terri further explained that she, "Made a simple headband from a fabric tube with the ends stitched closed. This (apron) used exactly a yard of fabric, plus a couple of strips of brown fabric leftover from my small apron."

Terri says she, "...just eyeballed and put it together. (Pictured left) I wish I'd made a wider skirt on that one for more fullness."

As an innocent bystander I think it came out just fine!

Thanks so much for sharing your photos with us today Terri! And we will be looking out for you in the near future with some vintage styles with a new twist.