Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Halloween approaches.... Get motivated!!! Here's a special apron made by San-dee!

She's got this apron just right. :)

Now I hope you plan on answering the door for trick-or-treater's wearing something like this!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Good Bye, Farewell! Happy Aproning!

Well Apron Goddesses, I can not tell a lie. I can not find the time to keep posting on The Apron Goddesses with my busy life schedule.

While I won't be posting any new material, I will leave the blog up for folks to find aprons made by all the fabulous hand made, sewn in the USA, women owned businesses who I want to support. If an apron maker wants to request an ad with a link, I'd be happy to post. Just send an email with your request. (I am amazed at how many visits The Apron Goddesses garnishes even with very limited posting...)

The biggest overall time constraint for me has been my need to market my newly published children's book called Bingo's Big Adventure and make time for writing the next book in the series. Reviews for Bingo's Big Adventure have been very positive and can be viewed HERE on Amazon.

I am running a book promotion at the Bingo's Big Adventure site too.

Books are discounted through purchase on Paypal. Hardback copies are $2 dollars off cover price at $13.99 and softbacks are $1 dollar off cover price at $7.99. Your purchase supports a women owned business right here in the US. Buy a book for your kids, grand kids or as gifts for the holidays! I will personally sign any books ordered and customize as requested.

Since I find my self trying to balance on that narrow fence that life has provided me.... I thought Bingo's balancing act was an appropriate allusion to my current place in life.

Part of balancing is knowing just when to jump off without hurting one's self....

So that's the end of my tail...