Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Apron Book

I encountered a book this week which is a must have if you are an apron fanatic. And if you are at this site, you are definitely fond of aprons, so you need this book. It is simply called The Apron Book (Andrews McMeel Publishing, $16.95), and is written by EllynAnne Geisel. EllynAnne had not wore an apron until 1999 when she was writing an article about a vintage apron. But after her awakening to the history of "the apron" she became THE Apron Goddess though her research about them and by collecting vintage aprons. EllynAnne has over 400 aprons in her collection!!

The Apron Book is wonderful to look at with it's many color photographs of aprons. It features new and vintage apron styles so you can catch up on your American apron history. Also, included in this book are stories and pictures from other "Apron Goddesses."

If you have any skills in sewing you will be able to use at least one of the patterns found within the pages of this book. There are four patterns provided, including detailed and illustrated sewing instructions with variations for each seamstresses depending upon personal abilities.

I am admittedly not so great with sewing but am ready to tackle one of these myself now. My mom gave me her antique sewing machine who's age is older than mine. But armed with the motivation from looking at all the gorgeous aprons I will attempt to sew for real too!

According to EllynAnne, aprons don't hold us back, they take us back…the very reason for the apron's status as today's hottest collectible.

A Final Note:

EllynAnne also is the creator of Tie One On Day. Chase’s Calendar of Events recognizes this day annually on the fourth Wednesday of November in celebration of the humble apron and the spirit of women of earlier generations who have worn it. On the eve of Thanksgiving, EllynAnne encourages us to wrap a loaf of bread in an apron and tuck a prayer or note of encouragement in the pocket before delivering the bread to someone in need of spiritual or physical sustenance.

I think this is a small token of kindness that we all can find a way carry out in the following year, especially in these rough economic times.

You can order The Apron Book from EllynAnne Geisel's web site at Apron Memories.

2 Goddesses Have Spoken:

EllynAnne said...

Julia, hey! Welcome to the apron_hood!

Tammie, my publicist at Andrews McMeel, is sending you copies of The Apron Book and Apronisms as giveaways. Love how you're tying one on!

Tie One On...an apron, of course!
Do visit me at my website, too - www.apronmemories.com

kjamama said...

Wow! What a great book! I'll have to find one, I would love to try one of the apron patterns. You have to post some pictures of your sewing machine! What a great gift your mom gave you. :)