Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Week 1 Apron Goddess-Melissa from ThistleDew Farm

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Melissa from ThistleDew Farm, Week 1 giveaway winner, shows off her apron from Practically Necessary in her almost finished kitchen. She says, "Here's my picture - it's pretty funny as our house isn't done yet - and it was really cold so I'm wearing like three layers of clothes."

This photo definitely shows how an Apron Goddesses can function under Arctic conditions.

Now look at the fabulous kitchen space where Melissa will preside as the Apron Goddess at home!!

Melissa included this beautiful photo of her daughter. She said, "Here's also a picture of 'The Princess' modeling the fab hankie in the pocket of the apron. This apron was so nicely made I will definitely visit Practically Necessary for a purchase. (That is) once the house is done and I have a minute to think about me!"

Princess Ashley - is a diva!

And the final words from Melissa were, "Practically Necessary put this hankie in the pocket of the apron - wasn't that FAB! Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!"

The Apron Goddesses magic is real.
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4 Goddesses Have Spoken:

Suzi said...

You look great Thistledew Farm! It looks as if the kitchen will be awesome when it is done. Love the hanky.

Tinderdesigns said...

Lookin good! We will want to see you in your apron again when the kitchen is complete. A now and then photo.

Over The Top Aprons said...

Julie, What a grand kitchen that will be. And, oh, yes, you look beautiful "daring"!

We have 5 chickens and to our surprise we get 1 to 3 eggs daily. This has been going on since Jan 1. We have not done anything special but my husband did make a cozy little apartment and sectioned it off from the rest of the area. Maybe that helps. Yes, it is quite fun. We know have a full carton - now I have to use them!

siteseer said...

You deserve a beautiful kitchen to show off your gorgeous aprons lol. Nice work