Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pregnant Apron Goddess

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Colleen the pregnant Apron Goddess is posing in her cherry print apron by Jessie Steele. As only her little skinny legs are protruding from the bottom of her apron, one could hardly tell she was pregnant from this angle. See, aprons are great camouflage aren't they? I am still amazed she consented to be a goddess for the day, since when I was pregnant any camera in a five mile radius of me was subject to no uncertain confiscation.

As an elementary school teacher, Colleen spends most of her days working with the little ones, but finds time to bake scrumptious goodies like dream bars, 5 million calorie bars, double chocolate brownies and cookies to die for.

I love the color coordinated cookware to match the red trim on her apron! She's a thinkin' woman that is for sure. It is rumored that Colleen's husband also has an apron. I am optimistic that persuasion being the art of a woman will prevail, and there will be a forthcoming picture of a man in an apron on this site for a touch of balance.

3 Goddesses Have Spoken:

Suzi said...

She looks great! I am also optimistic to see her hubby in his "grillin' apron". ;-)

Grand Pooba said...

Pregnant? Fo-real? I can't tell. What a fab apron!

Julia said...

I forgot to mention she also has three or four more like you Pooba!