Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jewelstreet-Winner of the Floral Apron from The Paper Passion

Enter the Sweetheart Apron giveaway from Carolyn's Kitchen HERE.

Here is the beautiful floral apron that Jewelstreet won from The Paper Passion back in week two of TAG. Jewel said, "...my apron arrived! Yippee! It is oh, so fabulous. Here's the pic of me as an apron goddess. lol. Don't know about the goddess part. Sorry if the pic isn't that great. I'm sick and my kid took it this morning at like 7 so I had to do some adjusting..."

My philosophy for TAG is that everybody is welcome and should feel like they can be a Goddess. All women who take care of their kids and families deserve to feel special and great inside. I hope that winners of the apron giveaways all feel a glow when they get their aprons and when they wear them.

Jewel also said, "I made chocolate chip pancakes this morning in honor of first apron. I was going to wear it to take the kid to the bus, but she wouldn't let me. I'm hooked on aprons now, and you can let all your sponsors know I visit each and every one of their sites."

Jewelstreet offers modern, classic jewelery which can be seen at Etsy by clicking HERE.

I think Jewel looks fabulous and should feel awesome in her apron. How about you?

4 Goddesses Have Spoken:

jewelstreet said...

Awww! How fantastic is this?! Everyone should become an Apron Goddess and send their pics in. I do so love my apron!

kjamama said...

I love your new apron!! Congrats on winning!

Tinderdesigns said...

What a pretty lady in her pretty apron! My kids only let me wear one of my aprons out to the mail box...thats it. No further.

Thanks for sharing your photo!

Suzi said...

You look great in your new apron! Congratulations.