Thursday, January 22, 2009

Little Miss "Homegrown Housewife"

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This little sweetie is wearing her Nana's apron! Kendra at The Homegrown Housewife (THH) is showing off her daughter wearing a handmade apron that has been passed down for three generations.

Kendra's blog banner includes a rooster crowing and a simple flower, two of my favorite things besides aprons. Her recipes make me drool every time I visit her site and I always leave hungry. NOT so good at 9:30 at night... THANKS K!!!

Then her "reason" for not sending in her photo was as follows, "Okay, so I'm a bashful person....so how about a pic of my daughter Hannah, wearing my favorite apron? Its not the prettiest but it was my Nana's....the stains and the fraid edges are worth more than anything."

But I can see it's a very pretty apron with a floral print and a lacy hem! And it's paired nicely with the pink blouse. And since it is from Nana that makes it ever better. History and love live in that apron.

Kendra says, "Hannah's in the kitchen with me for just about everything I cook or bake. Her favorite thing to bake are pecan pies for her daddy and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies...as for cooking...everything, especially chicken and dumplings! She will do anything to get her hands on the stand mixer or maybe she loves to eat as much as I do...thank gosh she doesn't have my metabolism. LOL."

Hurray for Hannah, one of the Jr. Apron Goddesses!

Be sure to check them out at
The Homegrown Housewife.

7 Goddesses Have Spoken:

Thistledew Farm said...

I love the idea of passing down an apron through history - what stories it can tell and what memories it invokes....The picture is lovely!

Suzi said...

Love the history behind the apron. It must be very special.

Kendra said...

Oh Miss Julia...what a lovely post. I can't wait for Hannah to get home from school so she can read it. You are such a sweetie :)

Julia said...

I a so glad you liked it!

kjamama said...

Great post! What a treasure to have, an apron passed down generation to generation. :)

Tinderdesigns said...

awhhh...what a lil doll in her Nana's apron. That is so neat. I just recently came across an old apron...I need to ask my mom on if it was her's or her mom's. Im excited to find out. Lovely picture and story. Thanks for sharing :)

Nicole said...

What a little cutie! Love the apron--those memories cooking with mom or grandma are the best... I hope I can instill the same fond memories in my daughter :)