Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Apron Goddess is Fabulous in Floral

To enter TAG's drawing for the Caroline apron by Practically Necessary CLICK HERE.

Our first volunteer victim to display her apron goods is simply Suzi. She is wearing a lovely red flowered apron made by Jesse Steele. (I am trying to get them to sponsor TAG too!) Suzi has cheerfully paired the apron with a red shirt in the Christmas spirit.

Suzi is a busy mom with three kids (4 if you count her husband). Between driving carpool, doing endless laundry and keeping her kids from exterminating each other, Suzi has her hands full. She even gets up at 5 in the morning to make lunch for her husband. (Does he really deserve it??)

This action shot in the kitchen exhibits Suzi opening a bottle of apricot preserves to garnish a delightful cream cheese hoerderve for the holidays.

Suzi's cooking specialties include beer can chicken, enchilada bake and hootycreek cookies. Also she makes a mean beerrita. (And that's a margarita crossed with a Corona for those of you uneducated drinkers out there.)

Suzi has only just began her journey into the sport of blogging and her first post is at Savy Suzi.

Send me your picture in apron greatness! You will get an extra 10 entries into the current apron drawing. Just email me a few lines and your photo and I will post your story with a back post to your blog if you have one.

1 Goddesses Have Spoken:

Mountain Woman said...

I enjoyed the picture of Suzy in her adorable apron and all the background information. Now, I need the recipe for her beer can chicken :)
I'm off to visit her blog.