Friday, December 26, 2008

Welcome to The Apron Goddesses

My First REAL Apron

Here I am, your hostess, in a leopard print apron that I received for Xmas. Surprisingly, I have not destroyed this piece of clothing yet. I guess this means I have not been working hard enough in the kitchen. I even had a chance to take my new food processor out for a test drive and emerged entirely unscathed! I hope I live up to my apron's adventurous nature in the future.

In contrast to my regular winter apparel this is a step up into femininity since the mud boots and Cardhart jacket I frequently wear make me resemble some kind of cattle rancher or pig farmer. I loose all my womanly shape donning the apparel of a stall cleaning muck maiden in the winter. That is the price I pay for having horses at home.

The Apron Goddess in me says that even though I can often look like a guy outdoors, but I can come inside and recover some of my softer side... Well maybe not too soft, but definitely more lady like with some sharp edges. And more importantly I can keep cleaner inside too.

Our first contest will be an apron giveaway from one of our beautiful and generous sponsors. On Monday the 29th of December come for a visit and check it out!

4 Goddesses Have Spoken:

Mountain Woman said...

You look fantastic and very feminine although I must admit I'm always looking like a pig farmer with hay sticking out of every part of me. It's the wonderful part of having horses at home.
I do love the apron idea. I just purchased two for myself and I absolutely love them.
This is a great idea for a blog.

Suzi said...

Hey Julia~
That is a great photo of you in your apron. I can't wait to see the winning "Apron Goddess"!

It's All Good said...

thats such a cute apron! I saw the CUTEST ones in Anthroplogie once, I wanna get them just to wear em everywhere, adorable!

Kgraham said...

Nice to "meet" you! Thanks for visiting my blog, mytake.stayathomemama.info, too!!!