Saturday, May 16, 2009

Winner of the Holstein Pattern Apron Made By Me and Ranting at the Fabric Store

Yes, yes, yes... I am totally behind schedule. Don't you hate it when work gets in the way of blogging???? Well, I finally got to drawing the winner of the Holstein cow patterned gardening apron...


All you women in the vicinity of Utah need to wear hearing protection since, POOBA won herself an apron, finally. She will be screaming like a school girl at a Duran Duran concert over this result. OK, so I am dating my self with this reference, but I really don't know who girls are screaming over these days.

This fabric was out of stock at JoAnne's for a few weeks, but finally, I was able to obtain it, so I can make the apron now. I think they were intentionally holding out on me, or trying incite me to a tither, since the cashier informed me a few weeks ago that, "...sometimes we don't get certain patterns back in stock very often..."

I was all, "WHAT??? You have to be kidding me!! I need to make two aprons out of this material. I HAVE obligations with this material!" I am sure I had the crazy 30 something going on 40 look on my face with raised eyebrows and a wavering voice.

And as I ranted at the clerk standing behind the counter, she appeared to be enjoying herself, giving me her best indifferent facial expressions... This was not helping matters whatsoever.

Because I am psychic, I know that she started thinking to herself, "Get this lunatic woman out of my face. Maybe I'm gonna have to call for security. Wow that would be a first." I think her eye roll tipped me off to her true evil nature.

"When will you know if this fabric is going to be restocked?" I quizzed this young 20 something in my imperious tone.

"We get new fabric restocks on Thursdays," she informed me briefly, hoping I would just go away. Then she added as a second thought, probably because I was scaring her, "If you had the stock number from your last receipt we could order it for you."

Sighing heavily I admitted,"I don't have the receipt any more. Of that I am sure." Then not wanting to be taken down by my own incompetence in saving receipts I querried, " Can't you just look up the patterns on a computer or something?"

Then with a dumbfounded gaze the gal said, "Oh no. We don't have access to anything like that."

Note to JoAnne's Fabric: Make computers available to your staff to facilitate the ordering of fabrics that are out of stock. Have you people not yet heard of "The Internet?" And yes I know JoAnne's is on line and I looked there for the fabric and it was not listed ANYWHERE! I know how to search for stuff too...

Well, I can always rant here properly, right?

Congrats Pooba! I will make your apron in the week comming up!

9 Goddesses Have Spoken:

Suzi said...

Congratulations Pooba! Can you hear me cheering for you? Woo Hooo!

It's gotta be my turn next, right? I mean really....right? Keeping my fingers & toes crossed.

The Cookie Girl said...

Congrats Pooba! Enjoy your apron. Suzi and I are very envious right now. We never win. LOL :)

Pricilla said...

Congratulations! It is not a goat pattern so I am not TOO disappointed....

Robynn's Ravings said...

You GO ranter! I enjoyed that even more than the apron and that's SAYIN' something! :)

the ungourmet said...

Yay for Pooba!! Wear it in good health!

Oh, Julia I hope you can get that fabric. It's such a bummer when you had your heart set on that pattern!

Have a lovely Sunday!

BTW, I have some flowers that require identification if you have the time. They are on my other blog. :0)

Grand Pooba said...

WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO! This is me screaming like a school girl!!!

I just get back into to town to find out that yes, I FINALLY won and TAG giveaway! And not just any old one, the darling Holstein cow half apron that I've been drooling over!

Suzi, you see, it CAN happen ( I promise I didn't even pay Julia to let me win )

And Cookie Girl, maybe if you sent Julia some cookies it would increase your odds! Just sayin.

And thank you Julia for all the hard work, JoAnn's Fabrick knows better now then to mess with JULIA!

Sara said...

Congrats, Pooba!

I too enjoyed the rant at JoAnn's. I think I've ranted at them a few times, too. Why they don't connect their internet sales with the store sales is beyond me.

Anywho! Can't wait to get mine, cause I'm the second apron, right?! LOL I still think you only offered cause I knew what kind of cow it was. ;)

Thanks, Julia!

siteseer said...

Congrats Pooba! I'm very disappointed that it wasn't me, but glad for you. I hope she treasures that apron knowing how much trouble it was to get the fabric lol. I'll be back to try to get mine.

Julia said...

Sara-the other apron is for you! But I really need the practice. :)