Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Brain as an Apron Medley

This is what is going on inside my BRAIN tonight.

Apron medley.
Apron jambalaya.
Apron salad?
Apron mess!

I am guessing it is kind of like being on drugs, but without any high. Kind of scattered. Kind of disorganized. Kind of random.

BUT that's what I get for jumping in the "Jumpy House" for an extended period of time today with my daughter. My brain got all tossed around and jumbled up. (Jumpy House-You know...the gigantic inflatable children containment systems that they get all happy inside...) It's no wonder that none of the other parents went in to play. They know better.

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8 Goddesses Have Spoken:

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

They should call it the jumbly house. Sorry about your brain. I hope it rights itself soon. :)

Sara said...

I wanna play, too!!!

How many aprons do you own?

Terri said...

Apron salad - sounds fine to me! :)

The Cookie Girl said...

I love the jumpy house thing. My brain feels like it is bouncing around in my head when I play in those things though. Funny...I never did that as a kids. Hmmm......wierd LOL

Suzi said...

I'm saving the scrambled brains for the tomato harvest party!

the ungourmet said...

What a beautiful jambalaya! :0)

Julia said...

RAS-Kind of like an ice cream headache right??

Sara-Those aren't just mine. Wyatts is the green with tools and several of the others in the pile are Ellas. But it's a mess of colors none the less.

CCG-I don't think they came up with those things until about 10 or so years ago! But I love them. We get one every year for a party we have and they usually leave it for two full days. By the end of the weekend our legs are fried. They are great!

Suzi-I am counting the days!

Ungourmet-Thanks for your unwavering support. ;) Looking at those aprons now makes me cringe.

MsSnarkyPants said...

Ohhhh bouncing in the bouncy castle sounds so funnnnn! Even if your brain does get a little jumbled. ;)