Saturday, May 16, 2009

That Was Then, This is Now V

I am back to the land I call home after three long days in the field marching through wildlands recording all the plant species I could detect! Glimmers of improvement in the economy mean that I am starting to have work again. This is the most brilliant native plant I found in the last three days.

Here is western desert penstemon up close and personal.

Then there was a great view of the moon dropping over some boulders on a slope I surveyed.

But not to slow down the flow of apron things, I prepared this pictorial of another That Was Then, This is Now for comparison purposes. Enjoy!

One more trip into the archives of history provided this picture of children in aprons. I drove the way back machine to the early 20th century to find this assemblage of kids being tortured with these drab and boring aprons.

The story that goes with this picture is simple:

In this black and white photograph, two rows of children (mostly girls) are lined up to have their group picture taken. They stand in front a light-colored clapboard building with dark trim. Three of four windows are open and white curtains hang from wires suspended across them. (From this I see curtain rods are a relatively new invention!) Most of the children are wearing white aprons and caps and many of them are also barefoot.

Now this pack of rowdy kids are wearing white aprons with personalized designs that they themselves created! Now that's what I call modern times!!! I like the color and freedom these kids are allowed to show.

And this group of three below shows a whimsical approach to aprons with their simple patterns and mock pepper eating...

Photo Credit Lil Sugar

See aren't you glad you are here today to see the differences!

5 Goddesses Have Spoken:

Suzi said...

Very cute. Love the old photos you find and the stories behind them.

The Cookie Girl said...

No wonder people never smiled in pictures back then. LOL

Thank God for Color!!!!!

The Muse said...

So happy to have found your blog!
I am now following you!!!!
(be afraid...LOL )

Ann On and On... said...

Great photos.... I thought my husband and his (our) friends were the only ones who talk about native species. Sadly, I am able to do some "I spy" in the fields/trails/mountains....too.
I have to admit I fancy your aprons more.... out of jealousy and admiration. :D

Come on over and check out my giveaway, it is super yummy.

Sara said...

Cute apron stories!

The economy is really hard on my field of work, too. Not too much field work in Ohio either.

My friend has a blog called Moonlit Hill. Loved that picture. Someday, I'll be in the perfect spot at the perfect time to capture a moment like that.