Thursday, May 21, 2009

Apron Goddess Trish

Our fabulous Apron Goddess for today is Trish at The Kobialka Family and at Trish's Garden. Here she is showing off one of her favorites that she got at a Christmas Apron Swap.

From reading one of her most recent posts on being a winner, I have learned that Trish is quite the apron ADDICT, and or maybe even an apron-a-holic. And she has won a great apron recently which is just adorable, so her personal apron collection is rapidly growing.

Nothing wrong with that if I do say so myself!

And this photos shows another cobbler style apron in front of the tree with a pretty little girl giving hugs! So it appears that Santa and his helpers were good to Trish during the holidays.

At her blog, The Kobialka Family, you may read about serious issues like loneliness, which we all feel at one time or another. Trish has asked readers to think and/or write about their experiences with loneliness in which ever angle that it occurs to them peronally.

I can't say that I have not felt isolated and on an island populated by dirty faced kids on many occasions. Being with my kids is wonderful, but sometimes I feel like the only other adult I speak to is the clerk at the grocery store or some other total stranger. I love my children, but as a mom, caretaker, household organizer, cook and every thing else, it makes me feel like I am alone and unappreciated on occasion. So, even when surrounded by constant frenzied activity with my family, I have felt I was alone and without support or recognition. I don't think husbands truly recognize what it is like to be at home with kids 24-7 and the loss of freedom that being a SAHM results in.

But surprisingly, writing about aprons and things on my other blog has made this feeling dissipate in amazing ways. I guess that is the power of expression in this format. You can get feedback from peers and document your experiences all at the same time.

I think you should head over to Trish's site and check it out. She has interesting things for you too.

5 Goddesses Have Spoken:

Persuaded said...

what a nifty-pie blog you have here!i found you by following my sitemeter back a couple of steps and am so glad i did. i am a fellow apron addict (or maybe that should be sister apron addict!) i actually am doing a series on my own blog this week showcasing some of my vintage aprons... i do hope you'll come by for a visit☺

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

I will be heading over to see Trish, fellow apron lover.

Your views on loneliness probably resonate with every mother at one time or another - I remember feeling like that when Monsoon was an infant right after people stopped visiting every day and hubs went off to do his own thing on the weekends... I also remember feeling lonely when we were suffering infertility. I enjoyed reading your take on it.

Suzi said...

I'm with ya sister! It's hard not to feel lonely, even with a houseful of rug rats. Why do you think I come over so often?

the ungourmet said...

Hello Trish, It's nice to meet you! Your apron is darling! I am going to head on over to your place now!

Grand Pooba said...

It's always nice to find a fellow Apron-a-holic. Maybe we should set up AA meetings. I'll bring the cupcakes!