Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Apron Goddesses Love Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom

The well known and loved Apron Goddess who resides at Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom has finally "shown and told" about the apron she won from Over The Top Aprons. Apparently, while having a gnocchi manufacturing festival she slipped and fell unconscious and forgot to send in her photos in a timely manner.

While passed out on her kitchen floor she had hallucinations with visions of aprons floating around her. The aprons, an array of ghostly floral patterns, sexy zebra stripes and lively retro colors, were singing her like a siren telling her she must, must, must show off her apron too.

So after being revived with a few judicious sips of wine and a sparing bites of lightly buttered gnocchi, she recovered enough to take the pictures which she has shared with us today.

NOW if you levitate over to the top Nuggetier's site you can read about many and varied topics such as:
  • Pitchin' Fits Fridays or Fit Pitchen' on Fridays whichever the case may be.
  • Great Humanitarian Causes (for real!!!!), read about one here.
  • Or Bribes aka Contests. Otherwise known as the Woo Hoo box. Which is notably lacking at this exact moment.... Uhummmm! Excuse me, where are the giveaways Mrs. Nugget?
  • Abstract concepts leading to general wackiness...

    So hop on over and have some fun at Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom.

    I like mine with barbecue sauce, if you please!

6 Goddesses Have Spoken:

DiPaola Momma said...

I believe it was canaloni but the rest of this tale is troophul. And don't forget you can also read about the epic struggle betwixed Man and fuzzy tailed rodent.

Thanks Juls.. I OWE YOU ONE (she says in her best Goomba/Tony Soprano voice)

the ungourmet said...

I have been over there quite a few times! Such a fun blog! That apron is darling too. Sorry to hear about that darn Gnocchi incident!

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

Yay for Mrs. Nugget - she is fabulous!

Hot mustard for me, thanks. ;)

Sassypants Wifey said...

YAY! love me some chicken nuggets of wisdom, and comedy, and giveaways. The whoo hoo box is total awesomeness!

Knitnut,Karen said...

Cute post today!

The Cookie Girl said...

Good to know she recovered from that gnocchi incident. Her blog is very cute!

Make mine hot like HOT wings!
"Yes! Even a "Sweet" girl like me has to keep it spicy.