Sunday, May 3, 2009

Queen of ALLL things! Who Me??

I usually don't like to accept awards being mostly modest and all, BUT this one sparkles so I could not ignore it. Sparkles are good. For some reason I love the sparkles. I guess maybe it reminds me of a Christmas tree or fireworks. THANK YOU Kim at The UnGourmet for bestowing me with this award.

For this award I have to say 7 things that are Awe-Summm!!! about me. I am the kind of person that does not like to "toot my own horn" but let me give it a try.

1. I started to sew. While not a true seamstress, I sewed two aprons last month, thus living partially up to an Apron Goddess. I have sewn new curtains for my bedroom without a disaster occurring. I only had to go back to the fabric store once just to get additional fabric for details, not due to operator error. :)
2. I did something close to a canter pirouette on my horse this week. (This is really a "we" thing)
3. I can walk and chew gum. I can do arm circles in opposite directions.
4. I can grab things with my toes. We call this ability "Gripper Toes." My son Wyatt has inherited this same trait, lucky fellow!
5. I can back up a goose neck horse trailer without crashing into anything and drive it forward too.
6. I can cook perfect rice in a pot, no rice cooker required.
7. I can grow poppies by the dozens! And I am loved by the bees.

This giant bumble bee is apparently making out with my poppies. He was sure hard to catch on camera since he was so buzzy!

And I pass Queen title onto:
Suzi at Savy Suzi
Ryan Ashley Scott at Optimistic Cynicism
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Cookie Girl at Cookie Girl Creations
Tara at Five O'Clock Somewhere


DiPaola Momma at Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom!

Enjoy Ladies!

6 Goddesses Have Spoken:

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

I'm amazed at all your awsomeness! No wonder the bees love you. :) The arm circle thing is tough - I just tried it.

Thanks for the love, Julia - it is quite a beautiful award.

Knitnut,Karen said...

I really enjoyed your 7 awe-summ things! Anyone that can back a horse trailer, is awesome! I tore the rear bumper off a 6 horse. As you can see, I'm not awesome at backing up!

Suzi said...

Love the award, thanks for sharing. I knew some of the awe-summ things you could do, but not the arm circles. I personally can't do that. The bee making out with the poppy is a great shot!

the ungourmet said...

Girl, you've got talent! I had to jump right up to see if I could do that arm circle thing too! :0)

I Love!! that Poppy Photo! The mountains in the background look lovely!

The Cookie Girl said...

Oh I love the sparkly things! Thank you for this award.

I just did the arm thing and now Mr. Cookie is looking at me like I lost it....little does he know that happened a long time ago! LOL

DiPaola Momma said...

Oh I am SOOOO going Tanya Harding on either you or RAS.. that sparkly crown is my your beeHATCHes!!! If I didn't wub the two of ya so much I'd call ya out to a throw down for the crown. Our own, Thrilla in Vanilla (cuz I don't go to the Philipines since I got out of the Navy.. long story). I knew you were great lovey but canter pirouette.. like a lipazaner? That is just TOOO CEWL.. I bow down before you in awe