Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Carolyne's Apron Goddess Daughters

Carolyne at Pleasant Home Hill has sent in this picture of her Miss Apron Goddesses including special, foofy girl gloves! I need a pair like that too.

The lovely Apron Goddess herself, Carolyne, asked on her blog recently, "Do you just love to wear an apron around the house while you're doing whatever?"

Well, if you are reading this blog the answer is probably YES!

Carolyne recently submitted this picture for extra credit and said, "Here's a picture of my two dear daughters-by-love in their Domestic Diva wear. I made these aprons for them at Christmas last year. They really DO wear them while they work."

At her blog, Pleasant Home Hill, Carolyne supplies us with poetry including daffodils, and wonderful pictures like this to the right. Whenever I see her name I will think of this beautiful daffodil adorned woman.

If you get a moment pop over and say hi, I am sure Carolyne would not mind you visiting!

4 Goddesses Have Spoken:

The Cookie Girl said...

I was just thinking yesterday how I needed to get some of those gloves. My nails really pay for it when I get my hands into a lot of water.

Grand Pooba said...

I have to say that I recently got me some of those rubber gloves and they are divine!

Cute girls!

Carolyne said...

Oh, Julia~ Thank you so much for featuring my picture!
Those "dearies" are really, truly each my daughters-in-law....whom I call my daughters-by-Love....married to my two oldest sons. They are now the Mama's of my little grand-dearies who will soon be wearing aprons Grammie is making for them. I cannot think of a better job description than training a new generation of apron lovers.
(((hugs))) Carolyne

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

That is a lovely photo of her daughers-by-love in their fabulous aprons!

I'll have to check out the poem that accompanies this beautiful yellow lady in the picture.