Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sarah's Apron Goddess in Training at Coffee at the Cabin

Me thinks this little Apron Goddess in training is sneaking a few tastes of the cooking.... Who said you could lick the beaters young lady??

Well, I guess Sarah at Coffee at the Cabin must have said it was OK. And who could say no to this adorable girl?

Sarah said, "I wanted to include a picture of my daughter with the only apron we own - a Pampered Chef one. I have tons of embroidered pillowcases, doilies and quilts from my grandmother, but somehow never got any of her beautiful aprons. How does that happen?"

Continuing Sarah wrote, "Anyway, this is my daughter while we were baking one day. We also use the apron when we can tomatoes because we get quite messy!"

Now how can you only have just one?? Maybe it's time to visit a sponsor...

At Coffee at the Cabin, Sarah talks about her kids, marriage, and parenting in her post write ups. Also, she ruminates frequently, contributes to "The Simple Woman's Daybook", and speaks simply on a variety of topics. I especially liked her post on I will/I wish since I go through these thoughts all the time myself. And her family lives in a log cabin home! How cool is that?

Thanks for sharing this Jr. Apron Goddess picture with us Sarah!! And to you TAG ladies, please take a moment and visit her site and say "Hi."

7 Goddesses Have Spoken:

Knitnut,Karen said...

Isn't that face adorable! I love letting my GD's help in the kitchen. They all insist in having an apron on, so out come the dish towels for the little ones and tie them around their waist.

The Cookie Girl said...

Now that is a picture I love to see in the morning. Made me smile even without my coffee.

the ungourmet said...

That is a darling picture! I love Sarah's Blog design. How fun!

mrsb said...

Hey, Julia, you should check out my blog today!


Sarah said...

Thanks, Julia...You're so right- time to visit a sponsor!! Me thinks I will do so!

Thank you to everyone who stopped on over! I hope to get over and visit you all as well.

She is one special little girlie, that is for sure. :)

Have a great day!!

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

That is one beautiful smile. Get that girl some aprons!

Sara said...

Adorable! And I can't refuse to check out another Sara(h) blog! Love Pampered Chef too. It's the only apron I own, too. From my PC bridal shower.