Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tara's Men at Five O'Clock Somewhere are Apron Gods!!!!

Wooo hooo!!! It's men in aprons today, ladies (and gentlemen). They are showing they can decorate like Martha at a party attended by Tara at Five O'Clock Somewhere, who provided us this awesome picture.

Tara wrote, "Every year friends' of ours have a Christmas Cookie Decorating Party. The host makes up hundreds of cookies in various shapes and lays out every color icing and every type of decoration you could imagine. Actually the guys (who are all firemen) are the ones that get most into the decorating. Then the host boxes all the decorated cookies up for the guests to take home. It is an event everyone looks forward to. At the end of the night (after everyone has had a little too much eggnog) the annual picture is taken of the firemen in the kitchen with aprons on. Which in turn becomes the following year's invitation."

What more can I say, except that I love the spirit of this picture.
Thank You Tara for this great photo!

You can visit Tara at her Five O'Clock Somewhere Etsy store where she sells wonderful hand made jewelery, some of it with equestrian influences which I love! I am coveting a particular item called the Hi Ho Silver Pendant (pictured left) since I have no horse jewelery at this time.

I am thinking this should be a great mothers day present from my family (Hint, hint!). Or maybe my horses will think to buy it for me instead.... They could give up some grain for the next month right?

I recommend looking at her beautiful selection of handcrafted artesian jewelery so pop over and take a look!

8 Goddesses Have Spoken:

Mountain Woman said...

Wow, an entire group of apron gods all together in one picture! Fantastic.
Julia, Tara's beautiful jewelry is going to be on my next Etsy giveaway with the winner's choice of items starting on Saturday so perhaps you will win the gorgeous Hi Ho Silver pendant. Tara's jewelry is fantastic and so are her lotion bars!
Thanks for a morning full of handsome apron gods.

The Cookie Girl said...

Now that is a picture worth having!
I love that all the Apron gods are enjoying it. I would love to do a cookie swap like that.

Suzi said...

That picture is awesome. I love that they use it for the next year's invitation for the cookie decorating.

Five O'Clock Somewhere said...

Thanks so much Julia for the wonderful post. Don't you just love that one of the guys has his apron on as a bib?

I'm looking forward to this year's Christmas cookie decorating party (and I'll be sure to send you picture!)

Kim said...

Wow! Aren't they a handsome lot! They can come bake cookies in my kitchen anytime! :0)

siteseer said...

I gave an apron to my friend and she says that her husband wears it all the time. Guess he wants to stay clean too. Check out the aprons I made for my daughter and granddaughter. http://wheretheroadtakesus.blogspot.com/2009/04/blessed-easter.html
I was inspired by your blog. I just want to make lots of them.... who has time to cook?

Knitnut,Karen said...

Ya gotta love those firemen! I married one,42yrs.ago. He was a firefighter for 33yrs.

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

I was just thinking how much The Cookie Girl would love that idea, but I see she's already been here! :) The pic of all the firemen in aprons is beyond fabulous. You couldn't ask for a better invitation.