Thursday, April 16, 2009

Little Missy Apron Goddess!

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This baby girl is so adorable I can hardly contain my smile looking at her happy little face!! This lucky little apron adorned lady is the daughter of Vivian at Now There Are 6. Lucy Carissa even has Dora on her apron since she is styling like a pre-schooler.

Mommy Viv wrote, "Here is a picture of my daughter in her little "art smock apron" I bought her on E-bay from a lady who makes them. Carissa loves DORA and I was doing preschool with her so this was a hit!!! She still has it and another one her grandma hand made for her. Something she can keep forever!"

For some reason little girls love dressing up in aprons! My 2 year old feels the same way. Since dresses are few and far between at our house, a cute apron over jeans is a great way to be girly without the danger of skinned knees.

Vivian is a new blogger and a full time mommy with three kids and one on the way. I think we all owe her words with smiles after seeing her adorable girl in this picture! So, please go and give her a shout at Now There Are 6.

And since THEY won the mommy and me aprons from Twinklebelle, I am hoping in the next month or two to see them in their matching aprons! Hint, hint...