Wednesday, April 15, 2009

You Will Not Believe These Aprons...

Good day TAG ladies and gents. Here is a picture of one of our hens. She obviously has some problems with her feathers. She is quite ugly. I can admit it. This is a fact. It is undeniable. Just look at her:

She even has a name. Salt and Pepper. Maybe more aptly Salt, Pepper and Naked. But what has this to do with APRONS you ask.




I stumbled upon this accessory on one of my totally random "apron" searches on the Internet.

This is a chicken apron.

Yes, I said "chicken apron."

This must be the answer to our Pepper's prayers. I am in amazement that these are in existence. I had no idea the lengths people will go to cover their birds. I think Pepper would look great in this pattern. There are dozens more here.

Then she could look like this.

She would be styling for sure!

I know, I know, she still will not be fully covered. But at least she can have something over her back side!

I only wish we had prettier chickens.


7 Goddesses Have Spoken:

Suzi said...

Pretty sad that it has been the better part of 8 months and still nothing. Will they EVER grow their feathers back? They must right, after all the roosters have.

The Cookie Girl said...

That is a sad little bird you have. Poor thing.

Sara said...

Looks like you got some bullies in your flock. That is a sad looking chicken. And is that an apron or a cape? Adorable either way. My son asked me to make a shawl for our cat. Still working on that one.

Julia said...

We totally have bullies in our flock. Subsequently we are going to replace the mean birds when our new chicks are ready to go into the flock. If necessary all the birds are going to be replaced! WE made the mistake of getting Danish Leghorns and they are miserable feather pickers!!!

mrsb said...

That is sooo funny!

Pricilla said...

Not unlike our goat coats, eh?

Clare said...

An animal charity in the UK has issued a knitting pattern and a sewing pattern to make jumpers/sweaters for hens. Apparently the battery hens that are released or rehomed have virtually no feathers after their incarceration, so they need sweaters to keep warm.

Such a shame that they're kept in such conditions. Last month one of the battery hen charities were after homes for over 40,000 released battery hens.

That's a lot of sweaters.