Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Fabric, My Cat is a Jerk, Mom and Daughter Aprons?

I went on a little fabric spree at JoAnne's last week during one of their big 50% off sales. As always, there were lots of beautiful things!

The main reason for this trip was that the curtains in my bed room were looking old, drab and boring and I need to replace them. Add in the fact that my kids pulled the curtain rod off the wall on my small window and, and, and....over vacation one of the "cats" peed on my curtain covering the sliding glass door in my room.

As soon as I entered my room I knew something was a foul in the air. Can you say AGGHHH!!!! I have a nose like a blood hound and nothing sniffy escapes me. Therefore, swift and immediate action was necessary.

I removed the offensive curtains wrecked by my disgruntled cat who was really saying, "Lady don't you F-ing leave for so long or I will really mess with your house."

My response to the disgruntled cat is, "OK A-hole, now when I go on vacation in the future you will be locked out of the house."

Anyway....I digress.

Here's what I bought for window treatments. When I finish sewing them up this week I will show and tell them on the windows. I think. Maybe. Well, that is if it all comes out OK. This should be simple but things could go wrong.

The stripes are for the small window over my bed and the dark blue for the sliding glass door. Yes, it is dark but I am going for "room darkening" effect. I already have the darkening liner that luckily escaped the wrath of the cat. I think I know who it really was too.

BUT when looking for fabric for the windows I encountered this lovely jean material with floral stitching. And I got thinking "Mom and Daughter aprons" for Mothers Day. If I pair it with some gold fabric with floral or just plain yellow or gold, I think I can make an adorable set for us! Maybe even reversible!

Now I found a great tutorial via one of my new followers (Fine Hand) and she directed me to A Girl's Garden Party Apron Tutorial at I Have to Say. It is just adorable. I hope I can figure out how to do the ruffle or I am doomed.

However, if you know of a tutorial for half aprons please leave me the link in the comments! I would love other suggestions in this area!!!!

8 Goddesses Have Spoken:

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

The curtain fabric is beautiful. Poor kitty, it was just lonely. Hahaha!

I think I might check out that apron tutorial - and show it to my mother. ;)

Suzi said...

I'll be checking out the apron tutorial.

Love the curtain and apron material. Sorry about the cat using your curtain as a litter box.

the ungourmet said...

I love the colors in your curtain fabric. Most of my house is done in these colors. They are kind of Beachy colors. They relax me.

I love the apron fabric also! I can just picture how cute they will look! I have never tried to do a ruffle either but I have faith in you, I'm sure they will turn out just great!

Dang Cats! My are banished from the house most of the time because of their indiscretions!

Fine Hand said...

The fabric you chose is gorgeous! I love the idea of mommy and daughter aprons too. Another great tutorial for a half apron can be found at http://lululollylegs.blogspot.com (under her Tutorial section) thanks for mentioning me!

Baba said...

Lovely fabric choices! Thanks so much for stopping in at Babasfarmlife and commenting. It meant the world to me.

The Cookie Girl said...

I am so sorry about your curtains and that crazy cat would be history around here. LOL
I have a blood hound nose too.
Nothing gets past me.

I can't wait to see your new curtains. Good luck!

Frogs in my formula said...

What is up with all the angry cats lately??

Love the fabric.

Life Ramblings said...

What great fabrics! You sure have a great eye for picking them. i look forward to seeing your new curtains.