Thursday, April 23, 2009

Officially Home Again

We were blown away on the ferry...
but loved it the whole time!

The kids found the freezing cold water irresistible.
I say they are nuts!

And on the way home sleeping was not really an issue for SOME people.

But I am in post-vacation recovery mode after our 14 hour drive back home!!! However, with a great trip finished and good kids I can not complain.

After the clean up of our truck and laundry and everything else is complete I can resume my normal duties here at TAG!!

And I saw a screening of an incredible independent movie that I will share with you as well. This movie acknowledges moms who are artists/painters/singers and shows their struggles...more on this to come!

But I am glad to be back!

7 Goddesses Have Spoken:

Grand Pooba said...

Glad you are all back safely. Can't wait for the movie review too! 14 hours and you survived?

Suzi said...

Welcome home, the boys missed you all. We had a daily count down to when you were coming home.

The Cookie Girl said...

Happy you are home again!
Sounds like the holiday was great.

I think Suzi has some Chocolate left over at her house for you. LOL

Jo said...

Welcome home! Beautifil pictures.

the ungourmet said...

Welcome home! Glad you had a good time! Love the photos!

MsSnarkyPants said...

Sounds like you had fun! We're going on our own 15 hour drive this August. Should be interesting to see how our kiddos do!

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

Your photos are adorable. I love the one of all of you in the freezing water - kids don't seem to mind any kind of temp as long as there's something fun for them to do in it. Burrr. Glad you had such a fun time.