Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The "Tart Deco's"-An Apron God and Apron Goddess

With a pair of apron wearing fiancées, I could not be happier to show off their photos! For a TAG first, we have a "couple" showing their aprons.

Tart Deco is a rockabilly singer, seamstress, reenactor, and soon-to-be music librarian who loves to create beautiful things. She resides at her blog Tart Deco, chronicling the steps to their rockabilly/1950's style wedding!

Tart said, "I have attached some pictures of my fiancee and I wearing aprons. I always wear them when I sell at craft fairs or flea markets. We are doing shows to raise money for our wedding. I also have an Etsy store also called Tart Deco where I sell handmade hair flowers and fascinators made with upcycled and recycled vintage items, as well as other vintage things like sewing supplies."

Tart's fiancee, aka Vanna below, demonstrates the hand direct toward hair flowers at a show. He's definitely a team player!!!

At her Tart Deco store, Stephany says, "I am SO EXCITED to offer my newest hair accessory line based on movie musicals!! Every new piece is inspired by my favorite scenes from the most beloved and vibrant Technicolor musicals of the 40s thru the 60s."

Tart would spend hours and hours poring over these films as a child and she freely admits to being an official geek. She definitely has a talent in turning what she sees in the old films into beautiful creations. But she says it's hard to part with her arrangements since they have so much meaning.

So if you are in need of some rockabilly-Technicolor-hair accessories be sure to check her out! And how about some lovely comments below too!!

9 Goddesses Have Spoken:

Mountain Woman said...

Now that was fabulous! A Goddess and a God together. Loved the photos and I have to go visit the boutique. I adore hair accessories.

Suzi said...

What a great pair. Talk about working together and providing support. Who could ask for anything more? Congrats to feature god and goddess.

Grand Pooba said...

Nothin like a man in an apron!

The Cookie Girl said...

Awwww! Mr & Mrs. I love it.
I am still working on a family Apron Shot.

Robynn's Ravings said...

She sure found a keeper if he's willing to be her Vanna! Too cute! LOVE the name "Tart Deco." VERY clever. :)

Daisigirl said...

Love the name of that blog! They are cute! I just love things from this era! :0)

Pixeltrash said...

Those hair pieces are awesome. I have dark hair and light skin and often wonder if I should give that look a try-on. It could be really fun! Not sure if it is exactly me though.

arielle said...

I love the hair accessories! So fun and funky. I love that era <3

candy said...

beautiful hair pieces!