Thursday, April 30, 2009

Finn is a Jr Baking God! Thank Goodness for Little Boys.

Jenny at Petalz and Finz send this too cute picture of her little boy who has commandeered the apron and baking duties from his older sister! How about that!

I am also laughing at his "passer" as we call them in our house. If I let her, my daughter would have her all day and all night long....

Jenny said, "I bought a set of mother/daughter aprons, but figured the daughter apron would be too small for my eleven year old daughter who I am almost eye to eye with these days."

She then continued, "My son, Finn, had to get the apron right on, however and the flowery print and pink trim doesn't bother him in the least. He does have two sisters, so I guess there's enough pink to go all around!"

In conclusion Jenny wrote, "The other day I was making bread, and he wanted to help out. He pulled little bits of dough off and played with it for so long that I finally had to bribe him out of the kitchen. I couldn't leave him standing in there on the chair on his own! It's hard getting two year olds to cooperate with posing sometimes!"

Now if I recall properly, a certain Huckleberry Finn wore a dress to pass himself off for a girl...correct me if I am wrong. So this little Finn is learning to be covert at an early age!

You can visit Jenny at her blog Petalz and Finz where she has been showing off new baby adorable chicks, Thomas and Friends drawings they have put up at home, and a red rabit hutch for bunnies!!!!! I am somewhat jealous. I really wish I could have more animals but I have to draw the line somewhere.

Please drop in and give her a holler. We all love company don't we?

5 Goddesses Have Spoken:

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

He is adorable in that floral apron - and with that look, he's surely not to be confused with any girl.

mrsb said...

You have to love a kid that loves Thomas the Tank Engine. Truth.

Jenny said...

Thanks for featuring Finn! He loves his paci, and I'm not sure where all the boyish colors have gone, but he's been toting that pink and purple one all over--and I do mean all over!

The Cookie Girl said...

OMGosh he is just too cute! A little man in the kitchen already....I love it! She is starting him off right.

Julia said...

I think I need to make a few boy aprons and offer them up for giveaway since there are so many boys showing up as little cooks and they are all wearing girly aprons!!!