Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Winner of the Apron By Dear Jane

Apron Goddesses. I. AM. TIRED.

I have been feeding my anorexic cat with meat smoothies in a syringe every few hours and worrying about him surviving liver failure....You can read details HERE if you wish. This week has been a bit rough and behind normal schedule.


I plugged the numbers into the Random Number Generator and it spit out 10!

That means Olde Dame Penniwig at Penniwigs Free Graphics Daily is the winner of the Audry Apron from Dear Jane. She wrote that she thought it would be a great gift to give during X-Mas. Now she can save it for the person she has in mind for the Holidays. That is if she does not break down and wear it for herself!!

Thank you Dear Jane for sponsoring this adorable apron!! Your support for The Apron Goddesses is wonderful.

And Apron Goddesses-Thank you for visiting the sponsors and when you make a purchase please tell them that you came from TAG!!

5 Goddesses Have Spoken:

Suzi said...

Congrats to ODP!

Tart Deco said...

I feel your pain with the cat. I had a cat that had kidney disease and had to give him saline a few times a day for years. It's all worth it when they flash you a sleepy grin though...

The Jewelry Box said...

Congrats to Old Dame Penniwig! Someone is going to be getting a fabulous gift for sure!

I hope your sweet cat gets well soon. *hugs*

Aelwyn said...


Just wanted to leave a note letting you know that I put your button up on my scrolling blog roll. :)


Walk in the Woods said...

Congratulations Olde Dame Penniwig! Lucky you!