Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mountain Woman Sent us a Gift from Apron Frenzy

Can you PLEASE cooperate for the photos Ella????

"No Mom. I'm going to stick out my tongue."

Well, I tried at least!
Cantankerous children....what can you do?

This mommy and daughter apron set were a gift from Mountain Woman who blogs at Red Pine Mountain. Mountain Woman is a kind and compassionate blogger who tells of her life on a 300 acre mountain top in Vermont. Ella and I wanted to thank her for this generous gift. Ella even likes to wear her apron going out and she stirs up attention at the super market with this cute and flattering apron.

The second part of this equation are the aprons which are from Apron Frenzy. This pair is fun to wear with their firefly pattern and dress-like coverage. You could find you own full or half apron at Apron Frenzy or SIGN UP for the current giveaway sponsored by Vickie!

6 Goddesses Have Spoken:

Walk in the Woods said...

Love the photos ~ Too, too cute!

Vixen said...

I know I am partial when I say the aprons are cute, but I could never do them justice because I didn't have such breathtakingly lovely models. Tongue out or in, that apron looks fabulous on Ella. Obviously I could sell hundreds more if I just send them to you two for the modeling pictures.

the ungourmet said...

Well you two are just a couple of apron wearin' darlins! What a lovely gift! :D

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

What a wonderful gift! Yellow and purple it looks so good together and this pattern in sweet. you two look great!

Julia said...

Thank you ladies!! I can't believe we attempted this photo shoot with our viral scourge still in our midst. But it's the best we could do. :)

Mountain Woman said...

Yikes, am I ever late getting around to reading this. Thanks so much and I just think you two look adorable. Love Ella's sense of humor.