Thursday, October 1, 2009

JDaniel4's Mom is an Apron Goddess

Here we have Apron Goddess D! And she goes by JDaniel4's Mom on the internet. This apron is heart touching containing memories from the past with drawings and words from school age kids covering the fabric.

D. wrote, "I am learning to cook more than just five or six dishes. When I got married three years ago, my friends teased me about how many cooking items I had registered for. Now I have really learned how to use them. The best thing about mastering more recipes was feeling more confident to experiment and change them based on the ingredients I have on hand."

Then she continued saying, "My favorite apron is this one in the picture. I was given it by the second grade class that I student taught in twenty-two years ago. They all signed it. I wore it for messy crafts and cookie activities in my classroom for over twenty years."

I think that I would value this apron too. It was made by happy little hands as and expression of their thanks! This apron made me smile and think good thoughts.

Thanks for sharing D! And to all you other Apron Goddesses... Stop by and say HI to JDaniel4's Mom, it's the right thing to do!