Thursday, June 11, 2009

You Know Who Suzi Is?

I would like to take a moment to officially introduce my sister-in-law, Suzi, who has been a guest author on this blog with and increasing frequency. Suzi and I have the common thread of being married to a pair of brothers. We also live on the same five-acre property, or our "compound," as I like to humorously call it. We have somewhat eccentric spouses and we regularly commiserate over our plight in life while we trade off screaming children between our houses that lie 100 feet apart.

I have documented our mutual assent or decent as the case may be into hill billy hell on my other blog Our Simple Life. As you can see by my daughter Ella's expression, the rural lifestyle and gigantic mommy sombrero I made her wear has taken it's toll on her too. However, my point is really that through this blogging journey, Suzi had been a faithful supporter and a regular commenter at OSL from it's inception.

Then I encouraged Suzi to start her own blog and she named it Savy Suzi. So the path to recreational writing had been paved with gold or maybe just tinfoil and Suzi embarked on a journey to regular keyboard exercise.

Here is my recent issue. In the last few weeks my re-admittance to the work force has decreased my available time for blogging. The fact that they actually pay me to write about plants and animals and land is somewhat amazing in it's own right, but the whip from the biological consulting world has cracked over my silly apron wearing head.

Therefore, I have been forced to admit I can not mother, work and blog with the skill of some others I have seen in the line of duty. Therefore, I have called upon the rank of my sister in mayhem to pick up the slack. This is not to say I am relinquishing my role as your intrepid Apron Goddess Hostess, but that Suzi will be joining the merriment a couple days a week!

Everything here on TAG will run the same and as long as I can find sponsors, discover funny apron pictures, and YOU the Apron Goddesses send in your photos, we will continue to make apron addicts of the willing. Lets just now call Suzi a co-hostess on the Apron Goddess show!

6 Goddesses Have Spoken:

mrsb said...

Welcome, Suzi!

The Cookie Girl said...

Suzi will do a great job with her sense of humor and "Savi" ways.
Goooooo Suzi! :)

Jeff said...


the ungourmet said...

Hurray for Suzi! Lovely Photo! Cute Apron! ;0)

the ungourmet said...

I just have to tell you something very silly! I just figured out after all this time that TAG stands for The Apron Goddesses! A-ha moment! Am I a nut, or what!

The Kat's Tail said...

The more the merrier. Less stress means more humor, right.