Friday, June 5, 2009

"Tea Time" Apron Goddess

Meet the lucky winner of the beautiful tea themed apron from Annie G. This is Jennifer our "Tea Time" Apron Goddess. She is the mother of 2 girls and the hostess of A House on a Hill.

Jennifer's girls had to have a turn trying on the apron before she was able to. As you can see she is sporting her new apron in the kitchen and she is all smiles......I can almost feel her excitement over this gem of an apron.

Jennifer says "Here is a pic of me in my new apron from Annie G...I just love it! I haven't cooked anything in it yet...don't want to mess it up LOL! I think I will save it for when my daughters, Emily and Abby, and I have our occasional tea parties. I'm sure all the dolls and stuffed animals that join us will ooh and aah over my new apron!"

Jennifer has a love for aprons, as well as a love for crafting. She has even made aprons for vases for a luncheon where the speaker was a chef. You can see them here. They turned out quite cute if I do say so myself. I am leaning towards the red, white, and blue one, but then I am a bit on the patriotic side.

Not only does Jennifer make mini aprons, but she quilts beautifully. You can see one of her many amazing works of art here; the tree she quilted as a design at this link is STUNNING! She has even entered some of her quilts in a show and won a ribbon on 2 of them. To see even more of Jennifer's work click here. So head on over to A House on the Hill and check it out!

And last, but not least, a big thank you to Annie G. for providing the apron for this give away!

8 Goddesses Have Spoken:

Jennifer said...

Thank you, girls ... such a nice write-up ... I'm blushing LOL!

The Kat's Tail said...

So nice to meet you Jennifer and hear about your talented daughter! Can't wait to see pics of the tea party too. Aren't Julia and Suzi the sweetest most organized people you know?

Have a super Friday, kids last day of school here in Florida :/


The Cookie Girl said...

Great write up pm Ms. Jennifer.
Have a Sweet Friday!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jennifer! The apron looks fantastic on you!!!:)

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

What a beautiful quilt! I'm so amazed at the artistic talent of women who can do this.

the ungourmet said...

A Big Congrats to Jennifer! It's so cute on you!

Anonymous said...

Jennifer, how nice to see this beautiful picture of you in my tea time apron. It was so much fun being a part of one of Julia's giveaways and I'm happy your girls are enjoying the apron as much as you are - ha!

Eclectic Pink Rose said...

Congratulations to you Jennifer, you look amazing in that amazing apron. The little aprons for the vases are adorable!!!♥ Teresa