Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Eclectic Pink Rose is an Apron Goddess

Apron Goddesses, say Hello to Teresa! She is the host of Eclectic Pink Rose. In her bloggy land abode she shares her hobbies and interests with us expressing her love of pink, flowers, anything shabby chic, and everything girly. She is one crafty woman who enjoys sewing.

Ms. Teresa even makes things in good fashion to lighten her carbon foot print, cause she's "green like that."

She made a stylin' lunch sack to replace the dreary brown paper bag with which she was so accustomed. You have to check it out, it is adorable and if you want to try your hand sewing your own "going green" bag you can find the tutorial over at Sewing Notions.

In this picture (doesn't she look super sassy?) Teresa is donning an apron she crafted herself. Give that Goddess a hand, she did an amazing job. It almost looks like a dress with what appear to be pearl buttons down the front. Very cute indeed!

Teresa says "I love this apron because it is one of the first ones I ever made, it is so whimsical and fun. This apron started me down my road to apron obsession. I love making aprons so much that I have started an apron wall in my kitchen. I have made them for me and my girls. I have even re-purposed vintage pillow cases into lovely aprons. I adore aprons especially the frilly, ruffly, girly ones, they are just so fun. My girlies and I cannot cook or bake with out grabbing an apron off the apron wall, that's part of the fun!"

At the right you can see one of her re-purposed vintage pillow cases made in to a half apron. Can you say Talent? I should say so! I know you are all impressed, I can hear you with your "Oooooo's and Aaaaah's," and I am all the way out here in California.

Take a few minutes and go see Teresa and all the fun stuff she likes to do. You won't be disappointed, I promise!

Thank you Teresa for sharing your hand made apron with us. I am loving the sassyness you exhibit in your apron!

5 Goddesses Have Spoken:

Persuaded said...

I love that re-purposed pillow case! What a smart and crafty-dafty gal she is☺

mrsb said...

What a great way to use old linens! Love it!

the ungourmet said...

That lunch tote is so cute! Love the apron too! Nice to meet you, Teresa!

Eclectic Pink Rose said...

Thank you for the amazing post, you and all of you are such sweethearts!!! Come by and visit often, I love meeting new people!!!
Thank you again, what fun your blog is!!!
♥ Teresa

Aunt Spicy said...

The pillowcase idea is brilliant!