Thursday, June 4, 2009

Winner of the Fresh Baked Pies Apron from D-Lux 57

Phew!!! Holy Guacamole Apron Goddesses!

There was a lot of figurin' and accountin' for on this here giveaway. You all wanted this apron pretty badly based on the number of extra entries I had to assign extra numbers for the drawing. You all are makin' me work here. I mean I am almost slaving at this point. OK, maybe not.

This here apron.... The many pies floating on a bed of whipped cream goes to......

Kat at The Kat's Tail! I think she is going to be ecstatic about winning. She won with her extra entries so sometimes it pays to throw in everything you've got!!

Congratulations to Kat!

9 Goddesses Have Spoken:

mrsb said...

Congrats to Kat!

Suzi said...

*sigh* Congrats to Kat.

The Kat's Tail said...

Am I reading this right, it me me who won!!! Oh, I am feeling such joy and I will wear it with pride. I wear an apron every day at work (Florist) and at home every night making dinner and for deliveries too.

Thank you so much Julia and Delux-57. I am also going to order the little Asian Children Apron. You have a customer for life.


Jennifer said...

Double darn!! Guess I'll have to make my own pie apron LOL! Congrats, Kat! Wear it once for me, please?

the ungourmet said...

Congrats Kat! That is an adorable one!!

Pricilla said...

Congratulations to the winner! I burp with joy!

Cynthia said...

Hello to all you fellow apron enthusiasts, goddesses, and apronistas.
Thank you for paricipating in the Apron Goddesses give away of the Cherry Pie apron from D-Lux 57. You all make it so much fun for me to be a part of. Special thanks to Julia for inviting me to her blog. I enjoyed reading everyones comments and I especially like visiting some of the readers blogs. Congrats to Kat.
Enjoy and remember to treat all your aprons with the respect that they deserve. They are more than just a piece of fabric. They are full of memories from the past and today they create memories for tomorrow.
All the best.

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

Congratulations Kat! This is a beautiful apron!

The Kat's Tail said...

Julia and Cynthia I received the apron on Monday afternoon and I ironed it nice, nice. It is so well made and lined. The material is beautiful, high quality! I am so very pleased. I also received a percent off coupon too!

Thanks again girls.