Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Green Gem Apron Winner

Thank you Joni at Modern Myrtle for sponsoring the give away of this beautiful apron. The lucky winner will be thrilled to wear it, of that am sure! Since many others did not win, "sigh," they can go order their custom apron from the many fabrics Joni has at her store.

The winner of the funniest comment about this apron is Pooba cause she said, "That apron looks boobaliscious!!" Too bad her lucky number did not come up, but she gave me a good laugh.

With many bonus entries the number of entrants spiked! And the real winner of the apron by random drawing is:

Pricilla at The Maaaa of Pricilla

Pricilla, wearing the brown coat accented in white and black, sits here with her kid, Kevin who wears a white mantle. I have heard from The Publicist (Pricilla's caretaker), that Pricilla would not wear an apron, so I am hoping she gives this beautiful apron to her caretaker.

I hope Pricilla really enjoys this apron, or likes to see The Publicist wear it!

4 Goddesses Have Spoken:

Suzi said...

Congratulations Priscilla! Can't wait to see you in this lovely gem. Just try not to eat the pretty flowers.

Pricilla said...

Well that was a wonderful way to start my morning! The publicist is thrilled. And I restate that I am NOT a model, I am a goat.

Thank you very much for having such wonderful giveaways. The publicist said she would wear the apron and stand next to me.

She LOVES the apron....she also has a very evil computer that won't open other email links so if you could email her so she would send you her address she would appreciate it. She hates IE but Firefox doesn't have her bookmarks.


Woo hoo!!!!!

the ungourmet said...

Goats in Aprons reminds me of the blog, Nannygoats in Panties!

Congrats! Great Apron!

Terri said...

That is awesome - an apron-wearing goat! :)