Monday, June 29, 2009

Some Apron Goddesses Wear Lots of Shoes.

Sorry to disappoint the eager Apron Goddesses in Blogland this morning, as I have delayed the newest giveaway until tomorrow. Never fear, a gorgeous apron will be up for grabs on Tuesday.

However in the meanwhile I have this sassy little Apron Goddess who is showing her simple but poignant apron. This is Little Miss Baker, and if you can't read her apron it says, "Will Cook for Shoes."

LMB runs a cute little website called Pink Sugar Desserts! If you visit you will be rewarded with photos of the cupcakes she creates, her baking tips, secret recipes, decorating, and much more. For the dessert minded Pink Sugar Desserts is a must see. And if you are like me and want to minimize calories you can just drool on your computer screen.

LMB wrote, "OK, I have attached a picture of me in my apron. It's not very fancy or colorful but I usually get this thing COVERED in batter and frosting that it's probably a good thing that it's brown. It says Will Cook for Shoes on the front and was a gift from my mom about 3 years ago. It's made from a Canadian Designer (I am Canadian so I love that!) and the whole reason behind picking this apron is I have an equal passion for shoes that I do for baking. I have over 50 pairs of shoes, some I haven't even worn and some I just can't give away!

LMB explained regarding her shoes, "I am only 5 feet tall so maybe having tall shoes makes me feel more glamorous! Either way sometimes I bake in my heels because it gives me a better view of what I am mixing in my bowls :) Here is an attached picture of my "Chicago" shoes. Since I live in Burlington Ontario but commute every other month to visit my fiancée in Chicago, I have about 20 pairs of shoes in Canada and the rest back here in Chicago. I couldn't possibly travel with ALL of my baking supplies AND all my shoes could I?"

So for baking, shoes and general cuteness be sure to pop over and visit at Pink Sugar Desserts for a splendid experience!! And guess what else? You can even order cupcakes pre-made by LMB!!! To do that visit here.

5 Goddesses Have Spoken:

the ungourmet said...

Isn't she just darling!! Pink Sugar Desserts is one of my absolute favorites! Little Miss Baker is extremely talented and I'm always so excited to see what she has whipped up! Cute Apron!

Suzi said...

Luke's cake was a recipe from Pink Sugar Desserts. The frosting? Nope, back of the Hershey's unsweetened cocoa box. Love drooling over her yummy treats.

Tiffany said...

super cute!! Came over by way of SITS and Ilove the site. Do you do any for toddlers?

Terri said...

Makes me want to bake some cupcakes, and I do NOT need cupcakes! :)

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

Awww, a five-foot sister! I love heels, just wish my feet loved them, too. Her apron is fabulous!