Monday, June 1, 2009

Cookie Girl and CGIT are Apron Goddesses

This happy woman is Apron Goddess-Cookie Girl from Cookie Girl Creations. She is full of joy because she was gifted a special pair of Mommy and Daughter aprons made with love by my SIL Suzi at Savy Suzi. The aprons are reversible with adorable cherry, polka dot and blue fabrics. Add in the touch of rickrack and they are just about perfect!

I think Suzi matched these fabrics wonderfully and I strive to make something up as nice for me and Ella. Let's just say the fabric hunt is on and I have a few good leads, but I am missing the elusive third fabric color to make things complete!

Cookie Girl in Training (CGIT) is lucky to have a hot baking momma to show her the oven mitts, baking sheets and recipes for brilliance in cookie creation. The cookie recipes Cookie Girl gives her readers are excellent. I must admit however, I always wait for my SIL Suzi, who lives next door to make them since she bakes much better than me. So after a new cookie girl recipe posts, it is only a matter of time until I can sneak over and nibble a bite from the freshly prepared treats next door!!

Here is a picture of the aprons showing both sides. They are just yummy! My thought on this set is, "What goes better than a dozen cookies and an apron?"

The answer, "Almost nothing. Well, maybe a cookie, and milk, and an apron."

You can find new recipes weekly at Cookie Girl Creations and sometimes bonus recipes occur for your baking pleasure. And on a closing note, my all time favorite "cookies" are Peanut Butter Balls which are like heavenly peanut butter cups. Trust me, they are simply irresistible. If you want to find out for yourself go to visit Cookie Girl and borrow all her mad hatter cookie recipes at Cookie Girl Creations.

11 Goddesses Have Spoken:

Jenifir said...

My Mum made Peanut Butter Balls as our "healthy" treats for Easter and other special occaisions. One of my kids is somewhat allergic so I am thinking of trying them with soy nut butter. Thanks for reminding me of them.

the ungourmet said...

Those aprons are so darling and I love that they are reversable.

Yum! Must go now to check out the scrumptious peanut butter balls!

Eclectic Pink Rose said...

Love the great photos and love the adorable aprons too, I'm headed over to her blog right now.
♥ Teresa

Clare said...

Ohh I love peanut butter. I'll definately be trying the peanut butter balls. I just can't get my head around the whole PB&J thing that you Americans do !!

Those aprons are lovely. My daughter and I have what we call 'apron days', where we cook together and do all housewifely stuff, lol. That's in between all the work, play, study etc. Gotta love aprons !! x

mrsb said...

Those two are utterly adorable! I'll definitely have to check out their recipes :O)

Jennifer said...

So cute! And the aprons are adorable, too LOL! Will head over to grab me some cookie recipes ... thanks!

The Cookie Girl said...

Aww! Thanks Julia for the great post.

Grand Pooba said...

Those look great! Good job Suzi!

Anonymous said...

Screw her...she's way too damn cute in that apron! And the little one is adorable!
Okay fine... I'll play nice. I'm just jealous she got Suzi's hand-made apron!
plus, maybe I want to look like her just a little.

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

Cookie Girl is fantastic - great recipes and fun posts! I love those aprons, and her little girl looks so cute in hers, too!

Aunt Spicy said...