Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Apron Goddess Kat

Meet Kat from The Kat's Tail. She is fairly new to this world we call blogging and has been with us since March, jumping on the "swaps" band wagon. In this picture she is wearing an apron she made for The Sassy Flirty Apron Swap hosted by Lucy and Shawnee.

Kat says "Don't I look like Heidie looking for Hansel in this adorable apron I made for a swap partner? I wanted to keep it so bad! It made me feel pretty. I love an apron that makes me feel feminine."

This lovely little apron made it's way from Kat's loving hands in Florida to a lucky recipient in Canada. Didn't she do a fabulous job?

Now meet Dilly, this is Kat's dog who was lucky enough to benefit from the linens she used for her apron swap. Kat says "Dilly is modeling her apron from bits and scraps left over from my swap partner's apron. I couldn't bear to toss any part of the vintage fabric away! This is where you are supposed to say "Aaaawwww!"

It turns out that Kat is also talented at making costumes. She has her granddaughter model the costumes she makes.

Here we have a fairy with crumpled wings and a beautiful dress that looks like it belongs on a doll. I am thinking that Kat's grandchildren must have some pretty awesome costumes when it come to Halloween.

Not only can Kat sew, but she can put together a floral arrangement. She is a Master Gardener through the University of Central Florida. She is a a Seminole Community College Floral Art Instructor and Partner of a Floral Shop called Country Club Flower Shop. To top it all off Kat is also and an Event Coordinator.

I'm exhausted looking at the things she can do and am wondering where she finds the time to do it all.

So, head on over and give Kat a shout out at The Kat's Tail. If you live in Kat's neck of the woods be sure to keep Country Club Flower Shop in mind when you need flowers for that special occasion (it is listed on her site where they deliver).

8 Goddesses Have Spoken:

Persuaded said...

oh my gracious... i definitely awwed at the doggy apron picture. i even AOL'd (awwed out loud) i'll be hopping over to kat's site to see if i can get enough particulars to make one of these for my daughter's dog♥
she is one gifted and creative lady!

The Cookie Girl said...

That is one talented Lady!
Off to see her site.

Jane54 said...

Is there anything that Kat can't do? She certainly has a catalogue of creative talents, or should that be "Katalogue".
The apron looks nicer on Kat than on dog, keep up the good work.
JaneB xx

Sherri said...

Wow Kat is a multi-talented woman! I love that apron she is wearing!!

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

Oh my goodness, that Kat woman can create! She's an artist - those costumes are faaaabulous!

the ungourmet said...

It's very nice to meet you Kate. Super cute apron, and dress too!

Grand Pooba said...

Holy crap that woman is amazazing! Why can't she share some of that talent with me?

Marie-Noƫlle said...

You are truly beautiful kat