Friday, November 20, 2009

Pumpkin Preperation and an Apron

It is that time of year again! It is time to get our pumpkins prepared for proper food creating. Each year I grow sugar pie pumpkins with the sole purpose of baking them down, pureeing them and making something out of it. I typically make pumpkin bread, pumpkin cupcakes, and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. This year I have ventured to make pumpkin ice cream and pumpkin pancakes. Mmmmm, mmmmm good.

Monday, I get the pleasure of starting the process. I usually can the puree, but this year I think I will just freeze it. Less time with preparations is beautiful. Monday I will wear my apron as I start the process.......again. Why you ask? Adam's class is doing a unit on squash and he gets to bring in something made from squash. His pick? Pumpkin cupcakes of course! So Adam and I will be putting on our aprons and making some pumpkin goodness to share with his class on Tuesday.

Stay tuned for that long over due review of a Cookware product.

3 Goddesses Have Spoken:

the ungourmet said...

I love pumpkins everything! I'd really like to can some too! :D

San-Dee said...

I have always wanted to "cook down" pumpkin but we don't get very "cookable" varieties; so I just resort to "Libby's Libby's Libby's on the label, label, label" because it's plain pumpkin puree. I'm gonna start baking pies this weekend and hope, after the kids get in from college, there is something left for Thursday.....

Happy baking!!

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

Mmm... fresh pumpkin muffins. Can I go to Adam's class?