Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Winner of the Aprons By Julie Giveaway

It really feels like fall today Apron Goddesses!!! Have you got your Thanksgiving meals planned?? We're working on it...

The business at hand: Revealing the winner of a new apron.

First off: Thank you Aprons By Julie for the great sponsorship of a "choose-your-favorite" apron giveaway on TAG!!!

If you did not win today *sigh* you should do some shopping to get a great apron AND support hand made, woman made, and made in USA!!

On to the winner: I'll keep this short and simple.

San-dee at Sno-wear won her choice of an apron from Aprons by Julie. Yeah San-Dee!!!!

San-dee said she likes blues so I am guessing she will be making her choice soon. Let me know what you like best, San-dee and send me an email with your contact info!!

Happy Fall Apron Goddesses!!!

3 Goddesses Have Spoken:

San-Dee said...

I can't believe I won-I am so EXCITED!! I sent you an email, Julia, so let me know if you need anything else. I will send a pic when I get it and model. This is way too much fun, you guys are great!

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

Congratulations to San-Dee! Enjoy!

the ungourmet said...

Way to go San-Dee!!