Sunday, November 15, 2009

Who Does She Think She Is?

There is a movie which I think all Apron Goddesses should see called Who Does She Think She Is? directed by Pamela Tanner Boll (who won an Academy Award for her film Born into Brothels).

This film made me think about my original premise for this blog which is: a celebration of womanhood and the feminine form without the loss of equality, intelligence or self value. Taking care of your family does not mean you have to loose your identity and individuality.

In Who Does She Think She Is? this concept is addressed specifically in regard to the creation of art by women. The film portrays the lives of five amazing women struggling to find balance and success between their art and their family lives. To be a mom and an artist? The challenge is real. This film shows the paths that the selected women have taken to stay true to their own hearts while maintaining their family. The highly talented women artists in this film have varying degrees of support from their families and the nuances of each ladies story are shown in documentary style.

At the theater there were maybe 10 men and 200 women in attendance of the film, unfortunately. This is a film that the male population needs to watch since most women already know how hard it is to navigate a career and a family, then integrate personal time and space. In support of all women who work, create and have a mind of their own and raise a family, I must recommend you see this film.

In general, I think mommy blogging as a writing art form is really a great way to express your self with the spare moments between family obligations and duties. It is no wonder that blogging has become so popular and almost a sub culture where support among moms prevails!

So on that note: If you make one out click from my site today please make it to Who Does She Think She Is? and watch the trailer for the film. I promise that you will not be sorry. You can look for screening locations near you or request the film come to your town! You can also purchase the film directly HERE.

2 Goddesses Have Spoken:

Karin Katherine said...

Thanks for the heads up on this. I so want to see this now!

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

I agree - blogging is definitely an outlet, and one that can be done in spare time (which can be a rare commodity for moms!). The support of women by other women is wonderful