Sunday, November 8, 2009

Modern Aprons Straight from the 70's

Good Day Apron Goddesses!

Here's a picture of some aprons I found that scream Farah Fawcett (may she rest in peace) and Burt Reynolds from some crazy 70's movie that never made it to the big screen.

Not only are they men's wear, but they are really a form of chap with leg ties. And I thought chaps were only used by horse people!

Hmmm. I am not quite sure about the spoon and fork in the pocket of the man's "chap-ron" but I am thinking if he does any sudden movement he will fillet himself.

Then I am pondering the fact that these models legs are more than three times the length of their upper body. But they are sporting the boot cut, extra wide flair, so it must be OK.

Did you figure out what the accessory labeled A is?

I think it is some kind of pot holder substituting as a side arm. I mean, it looks kind of gun-like to me. Maybe you can stash a sawed-off shot gun in that thing and if anybody gives you grief about the chap-pron you can cap 'em.

So, with the sun glinting off my feathered hair, I bid all you Apron Goddesses adieu!! What say you about these aprons? Am I a little too harsh with my critique of them?

10 Goddesses Have Spoken:

Diana @ Sweet Fields of Green said...

I like your description of "Accessory A" much better than calling it a plain old, boring potholder! Loved your critique of these chap-prons. ;)

Miss Dot said...

Oh this is too funny. I love pictures of old catalog items! Oh how I wish I could order something like this for the hubs... Doubt he'd wear it but man would I get a kick of making him try it on! So so funny.

Aunt Spicy said...

I want to be them. Look at how happy they are! It must be because of the chaproons...I think I will make me a pair!

Donna VW said...

That's the way we all were in the 70's - really tall and thin. Haven't you seen that 70's show?

Jenny said...

Hard to believe something that stylish never caught on!

Persuaded said...
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Persuaded said...

Julia!!! I have this very apron pattern.... yes indeedy I do. I bought it off ebay where I spent waaay too much money for it, but I couldn't resist. Once I saw it, I had to make it mine! I even posted about it on my blog once oh-so-many moons ago. I'll try and dig up the link for the post, cuz yanno I'm sure you'll all want to see my picture of it too;)

Eli's Lids said...

Love it.
I think the hubby and I need a his and hers set.

Doris Sturm said...

Julia, do you make those aprons? I love the chap-ron...so unique! You are the one and same Julia of "Our simple life" right?

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

Not harsh! I think they'd make fabulous halloween costumes, though.