Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanksgiving (or not) and an Apron

Hmmm......see the speech bubble below? Yeah, I do too. Who doesn't like Thanksgiving food?

Oh, right, my hubby.

This picture brought up memories of last years Thanksgiving. We were all here at my house enjoying a nice, well cooked family meal. My In-laws were here, my mom (?), and Julia's mom were all here to enjoy a day of good company and a good meal. After all it is one of the few times a year we all get together to enjoy these things. The way it works is I cook half the meal here at my house, Julia cooks half the meal at her house (she is only 100' away), our MIL bakes the pies, and then we all crowd around my little table and eat, drink, and be Thankful.

On this particular Thanksgiving my dear, loving hubby (not so loudly) says "I really don't like Thanksgiving food anyway." Well, Julia and I being the "cooks" both heard it. I was at a loss for words, but not my fun loving SIL. Her rebuttal? "Well why don't you go fix your own damn meal." (or something of that effect). Needless to say her rebuttal was a conversation stopper. All conversations in the dining room, kids included, ceased to exist. You could cut the the tension in the air with at butter knife. I don't think Jeff will be making the same mistake this year. And if he does?

Well it doesn't matter! On Thanksgiving Day I will wear my apron, with pride, and fix the proper fixings whether he likes it or not. This is a day to be Thankful for the things and people in our lives. My dear loving hubby will eat it, despite his dislike for it, and enjoy the company on this family day!

Happy Thanksgiving!

6 Goddesses Have Spoken:

Persuaded said...

Your dear SIL Julia has a real knack for making me laugh... snort out loud in a most undignified manner, actually;)

And speaking of Julia... tell her I pulled out my copy of the pants-apron-chaps-type garment pattern she posted out the other day. I was most amused to find that there is an option for adding fringe. Yes, fringe to the legs. What a hoot! Now I simply MUST make up this pattern.

In considering my fabric choices I used the way-back-machine and consulted my 1970's sensibilities. I am thinking a bandanna print canvas with natural muslin eyelet trim for the gals version and a "faded" denim with leather fringe for the gents. Now in the 70's the general rule of fringe was the longer the better, but I can't quite go there, so I'm thinking narrow- maybe an inch or so... The mind reels. ;)

Miss Dot said...

AHAHAHAHA!!! Oh geez, Julia! How funny! Truly, though, what else could you say? Perfect retort! Hopefully he learned his lesson ;) Don your aprons with pride, ladies!!

Julia said...

I just can't help myself with blatant disregard for our efforts to feed a largish family. No one else ever sets our "men" down but us so I think it is good for them once in a while.... ;)

Grand Pooba said...

Oh dear. Who doesn't like thanksgiving food? Oh that's right, my brother in law. Which means when at my in-laws thanksgiving we get served prime rib. No turkey, no stuffing, no cranberries. Nothing.


Vixen said...

Since I have met her in person, I am surprised your dear, loving husband didn't faint dead in fear right then. I know if my BIL said that, he would probably not live to see another Turkey day.

Karen said...

I'll bet he was feeling a big Ooops!