Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Cleaning Wench Wears an Apron

Oh, the agony.
Oh, the injustice.
Oh, I have a carpet on my porch.
Oh, we are hillbillies.
Oh, I have to make 4 kinds of salsa on Friday.
Oh, will I ever get it all done?

All in the name of a party...

10 Goddesses Have Spoken:

Rebecca said...

Oh, I understand that feeling!!!
What a lovely wench, though! : )

Atlanta said...

=) But the Apron makes you look so cute doing it! And the party will be well worth it!

Sara said...

Clean clean clean! Cute apron!

Knitnut,Karen said...

Love the photo and the apron, it's cute!! Work ,wench!

the ungourmet said...

I did notice before that you have a carpet on your porch. My first thought was, "What a bunch of hillbillies!".

If I lived closer I'd be helping you vacuum your porch!

BTW, Nice Stems! ;0)

Ametisti Kuu said...

Lol. Cute photo!
Have a great party!
How about sharing some salsa recipes? :)

Julia said...

Thanks for the support ladies!!!

I can put up some salsa recipes in the next few days, but honestly I just make them up as I go for the most part. The essential ingredients remain the same, I just alter the bonus ingredients, and heat.

Grand Pooba said...

Yes, I am really feeling sorry for you right about now.

San-Dee said...

oh, dear, what can the matter be? you are getting ready to have MAJOR fun, and if the folks coming criticize a little dust or clutter, they should get axed off the list for next year! Love the apron, lose the carpet, have fun with the salsa, and enjoy the bounty.

The Cookie Girl said...

Did someone say party? :)
Aww! You look cute working in your apron.