Friday, August 21, 2009

Apron Goddess Tricia Cooks in Style

Happy Friday!!

Here is Tricia (a blogless Goddess!!) wearing a wonderful colored half apron. I am always happy to see just how many different fabrics are out there made into aprons.

Tricia wrote, "I have always liked aprons, especially cheery, kind-of old-fashioned ones, not to much frill though..."

"This apron in the photo is one which I won from the blog Gingerly Garnished. I use my aprons all day- washing dishes, cooking, cleaning! I am a SAHM, so that means a lot of dishes, cooking, and cleaning! My aprons get a workout, believe me!"

I asked Tricia how many aprons she has and she responded, "I have, let's see, two orange ones (on clearance), one really old one with an illustration of lilies and reeds on it- now that one is beat up!" So I am thinking a total of four including the one she is wearing today. Not bad Tricia!

Also this Apron Goddess shared, "My best apron memory is from when we lived in Honduras, Central America, and saw the frilly aprons that all the ladies wear, all the time! They are usually spotless too, and handmade always." (I could not copy or down load or show you this apron but go check it out!)

Thanks for your details Tricia and your interest in aprons too!! Thanks so much for sending in your picture for extra credit in this weeks giveaway. Good luck.

3 Goddesses Have Spoken:

Atlanta said...

Cute Apron, and yes, lots of dishes and laundry and cleaning when you are a SAHM. *sigh* speaking of... I should probably get off of here

the ungourmet said...

Such a cute photo! Love the apron. The curtains are quite cute too!

Little Miss Baker said...

Awe! How cute :) Hopefully she doesn't get into blogging haha she will be done for!!