Sunday, January 24, 2010

I Just Found the Funniest Site... But I'm Warning-If You're Easily Offended Don't Come Visit.

Close your eyes ye of faint hearts or with little humor. You better drag out your funny bone from under the couch and just laugh at these. It'll do you some good.

I just found the silliest, wackiest, most "I've got to have one," hand made item tonight. I never thought these were possible or even probable, but I am often proven wrong on many things.

The GENIUS'S (four sisters of course) at Dirtydish Towels makes these awesome "rags" to dry dishes. Not that I get drunk cooking, except once, but I love the theme of this dish towel below. Call it a sickness inside me I guess.

The next one is not for the easily embarrassed woman, so close your eyes if you don't want to be offended.

I HATE shaving so this one really speaks to me. I think my husband would flee the house in horror if I handed him this one to dry the dishes.

These dishtowels are really embroidered with colorful, fun, and suggestive sayings and/or pictures. Some are just a bit to naughty for me to post but the "Ho's" who make them aren't holding back. (They call themselves the Four Ho's by the way).

There are many, many other naughty dish towels offered at Dirtydish Towel, LLC and you can browse them HERE.

Now wouldn't ya know.... These brilliant ladies also make lots of handmade APRONS with the same kind of "messages" embroidered on the pockets. Subtle yet so poignant if I do say so myself. Check them out HERE.

Maybe I can convince the Ho's to sponsor a giveaway. I can always try...

But for your laugh of the day, make you way over to the Ho's place and see what all the fuss is about. You'll either be shocked senseless or laugh for a half hour. Take your pick... Then plan who you are going to send a set to for their birthday, anniversary or Christmas.

11 Goddesses Have Spoken:

Dirty said...

Wow! Thanks so much for the awesome blog Julia! We like to say, If you want to keep your clothes clean and your apron dirty.....www.dirtydishtowels.com. Your source for naughty kitchn fun. Thanks again! ;)

Grand Pooba said...

The "Bitch" and "Want my cherry?" aprons are THE BEST! I seriously want to buy one for my sister, she'd LOVE one, and of course, they are just so fitting for her. Maybe I should get her all three, the drunk girl ones are cute too!

Please, please, please get them to do a giveaway!!!!!!

Oh my god, I love their stuff! Tell them if they do an apron giveaway I will buy a bunch of dish towells.

Hilarious!!!!! Thanks!!!!!!

Sara said...

These are right up my ally! Love them! Thanks for the link!

Pricilla said...

The frogs were hysterical. I should send that link to my friend Lin

Anonymous said...

Those are perfect gifts for my circle of girls. And for myself of course! Love those dishtowels!

Persuaded said...

Well... yanno... I am a sweet chubby little old churchlady. So I really shouldn't. No really I couldn't. No...well.. maybe I'll just pop over there for a minute.
A little minute couldn't hurt, right?


OK, I'm off!

Miss Dot said...


I want one of these.

Cup my cake. *snicker*

Anonymous said...

I have a Drunk Girl dish towel, and I love it!

theUngourmet said...

Oh my gosh, I love the dish towel with the iron! Too cute!!

Singings said...

I love it! I custom embroidered an apron with something 'unique' for a good friend; therefore, I think this is a necessary nitche!

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

way funny! thanks!