Monday, January 18, 2010

Gingham Life Sponsors a Bungalow Heart Apron Giveaway

Storms are raging on the left coast in California where I live, and I hope you all want to rage likewise over the giveaway that I can announce today, sponsored by Gingham Life.

Owner Sally, has crafted an apron that has been constructed with extreme care and detail. I love the bias trim she has made for this fabric combination! And the heart pocket accent is adorable.

Sally says, "It's a one-of-a-kind apron made in a classic 1940s "one-yard apron" style. I call it a "bungalow heart apron," in honor of the little houses in my garage-sale-crazy neighborhood where I find many of the vintage aprons that inspire my creations.

This apron is made from prewashed new 100% cotton and accented with fabric from a gorgeous vintage feedsack remnant. The bias binding is homemade. It's machine washable; I recommend a delicate cycle and line drying out of the sun to protect the vibrant colors of the feedsack fabric."

This apron is flattering in shape and the pink color will brighten your cheeks with a rose colored hue.

At Gingham Life you can find aprons made from beautiful vintage and new fabrics with wonderful florals, prints, and of course gingham! Additionally, Sally offers other useful household goods like tea cozies and tablecloths. Her garments are durable and meant to be used! By combing garage sales and local thrift shops for inexpensive "finds" Sally makes things that are affordable as well as beautiful and useful.

To enter the giveaway for this lovely pink and floral apron from Gingham Life, visit the Etsy store and browse the selection. Come back here to TAG and make a comment about your favorite. That will give you one entry into the giveaway.

For five extra entries into the drawing create a blog post about this giveaway, leaving your permalink in your comment. Be sure to mention this in your entry.

And for 10 extra, bonus chances at winning send in a picture of you or a family member wearing an apron. Leave a comment that you are sending in a photograph too! (Contact is above) No headless apron wearers please!! We will write up your "apron-ography" in the weeks to come.

Giveaway Closes 2/02/2010.

29 Goddesses Have Spoken:

Anonymous said...

the one that caught my eye the most was the Triangular Tea Apron, Pink, Left Handed

sabrita said...

Very pretty items- my favorite is the 1950's Style Flaired
Apron Vintage Blue Roses-large. I love it! Thank you.


Persuaded said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!! I mean, I love aprons... everyone who knows me knows this... but this gal's stuff is just the kind of apron I adore above all else. It's obvious she really attends to the details, and she's got the whole the vintage thang goin' on!

I want the Red and Green Cobbler apron with the vintage tablecloth trim. I want it, do ya unnerstand??

Ms Snarky Pants said...

My favorite is the Triangular Tea Apron! It's fantastic! I love those tea cozies too, especially the Swedish themed one.

You be careful! I am not 100% of your exact location, but I saw that there were tornadoes near LA! That's crazy! You guys aren't supposed to have tornadoes!

Anonymous said...

I love the Triangular Tea Apron, Pink, Left Handed. It's shape looks the most flattering and the colors are delicate and soft. Beautiful workmanship she has.
Thanks for the opportunity.
estrella8888 at roadrunner dot com

The Jewelry Box said...

Oh my gosh...what a cute vintage apron! Very hard to pick a fav, but I am in love with the 1950s Style Flaired Apron Vintage Blue Roses, Large apron! I love the design and the patch pockets and the fact that they come from a vintage tablecloth! Beautiful!

Cindy said...

My Mom is the fashionista I buy aprons for and after looking at all the aprons at GinghamLife's shop, my Mom would pick the Old Fashioned Heart Apron, Pink with Vintage Tablecloth accents. She likes full aprons because she makes pies and it gets messy, and she likes pink, gingham and rick rack. It's really beautiful!

Rebecca said...

Oooh dear, I'm in trouble! I just found this blog site... I thought I was the only one obsessed with 50s/60s style aprons! Hello, my sisters. :o)

My favorite was either the cobbler apron, or the 50s style flare with the square, blue rose pockets.

The Jewelry Box said...

Just blogged and tweeted this awesome giveaway! :)


Renee G said...

I like the Retro Style Half Apron in Aqua and brown.

Mary said...

I like the 1950's Sstyle Flaired apron with the blue roses. Actually there were several I liked.

Tart Deco said...

The one I liked best was the Cobbler Apron, Vintage Tablecloth Accents, Plus Size. The style of the apron is just so flattering, yet covers enough of your clothes to protect them.

Melodie said...

I like the feedsack style vintage apron!

edyB said...

1950s Style Flaired Apron in your Etsy Shop ~ I especially like the pockets and the shade of blue is perfect!
Love your style.

theUngourmet said...

These aprons are so very sweet! I think my favorite is the Triangular Tea Apron. :)

Frogs in my formula said...

Hands down the Triangular Tea Apron. But will it fit over my frog face?

suburban prep said...

Because it is so different I like the Paisley Shirt Guy Apron,

msgb245 at gmail dot com

Holly Days Closet said...

Being left handed I like Triangular Tea Apron, Pink, Left Handed I didn't even think aprons came in right or left go figure.

kristi beggs said...

I just discovered this blog today!! It is so cool...my favorite listed on the etsy page is "Retro Style Half Apron, Aqua and Brown"!! I don't have a blog but I did post the link on my facebook status!!!

The Holleys said...

I adore the Hostess Apron, Vintage Damask. I think it looks really classy. Love it!

The Holleys said...

I blogged this giveaway: http://www.theholleyherald.com/2010/02/apron-giveaway.html

The Holleys said...

I blogged this giveaway: http://www.theholleyherald.com/2010/02/apron-giveaway.html

The Holleys said...

I blogged this giveaway: http://www.theholleyherald.com/2010/02/apron-giveaway.html

The Holleys said...

I blogged this giveaway: http://www.theholleyherald.com/2010/02/apron-giveaway.html

The Holleys said...

I blogged this giveaway: http://www.theholleyherald.com/2010/02/apron-giveaway.html

Singings said...

I checked out your etsy shop and I love the vintage tablecloth! My favorite apron is Thrift Store Sari Apron. It caught my eye. Look for my blog post tomorrow. http://sewingthroughthemuck.blogspot.com Keep up the great sweet work.

I don't have pictures of us in an apron but I do have pictures of my family in tutus on my blog. :-)

Pricilla said...

I like this dude apron - 'cause it's a pretty material
not 'cause I think that my hubby would wear it in a million years.
kaiminani at gmail dot com

Kerrie said...

My favorite apron would have to be the Ol' Moneybags Full Apron!!!

Persuaded said...

Ummm Julia... have I mentioned that I want that red and green cobbler apron? Cuz I really do. A lot. A very much lot.

Shall I serenade you???

Ahm down on my knees.. la la la
Beggin' you please.. la la la
In the name of cheese.. la la loo
To pick lil ole meze.... la la LA